Sunday, June 5, 2011

{ Random Thoughts Lately }

- I was just flipping though US Weekly and couldn't help but notice that Justin Beiber and his girlfriend are the exact same size, both deathly skinny..he was trying to act like all the celebs do on vacation and frolic in the water so all the paparazzi can take their " Im so happy on vacation " pictures { gag me they will be broken up next week } and the two of them together were not 150 pounds .

- My new favorite trashy TV is the Braxton sisters reality show. The sisters are so so over the top, the youngest one who swears she is so " classy " gives me that second hand embarrassment feeling the entire episode. Im still trying to figure out why she adds .com to the end of all of her statements. Example..." oh heelllll no this was so not my " ??? This show leaves me entertained and speechless every time.

- Kaels new favorite trick is to poop so hard that it comes up out of his diaper and up his back, getting on his outfit and all over his back, elbows, shoulder..everything. I think he does this when he is feeling bored because the entire time I am trying to change him he is staring at me with a sweet little smile, thoroughly enjoying watching Mommy struggle.

- I wish that Leann Rimes would stop tweeting or maybe just talking all together and stick to singing. I used to love all of her music but her tweets are so overly annoying I am now having a hard time listening to her songs. I tried to tweet her explaining this awhile ago { yes Im serious } but she doesn't seem to be listening so our relationship may be coming to a end..she also could stand to eat a sandwich..

- Im already sick of hearing about Kim Kardashians engagement..she has been engaged five minutes and they are already articles on how she just CAN'T choice which dress....

- Im reading Chelsea Handlers 4th book it is not nearly as funny as her first three but still funny and I have laughed out loud a bunch, my crush on her continues to grow..

- WHY does Paris Hilton have another reality show coming out? And why does she now think that we are going to take her seriously? I am happy though that she has decided to ditch the baby voice..

- I just read back through this post and I think it must be that I am running on not that much sleep and have started cutting back on all the yummy sweets I was allowing myself in order to lose that last couple pounds of my baby weight so perhaps I am just very very irritable..

- This face puts me in a good mood each and every time...

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