Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Trip to Florida.

Im sure I have mentioned it on here before, but I went to college at the University of Florida. ( GO GATORS!!) I lived in Gainesville for 5 years ( I was on the slow train ) and really really fell in love with living in a warm sunny climate. I miss the lifestyle very much and am anxiously awaiting our move to Texas where I will be reunited once again with the sunshine. Only making me more eager to move was my visit with one of my best friends this past weekend in Ft. Lauderdale. Her and her gorgeous family just recently moved back to the Florida area after living away for years and it looks amazing on them. I don't really touch on it much on this blog because I try to keep it my happy place, but it is extremely hard living far from both of my best friends and on top of that in a town where I don't know many people. This past weekend gave me a taste of what it would be like to have one of "my girls" close by and raise our kids together and it was amazing. Now that they are living in an area where we can take direct flights I am hoping we can see each other more often. It was also nice having so much alone time with Pippa, with a crazy 3 year old as our third wheel I don't often sit back and watch all the new things she is doing, so it was nice to have that one on one time with her. If you are like me and being dumped on with rain right now here are some pictures from our trip to remind you what the sunshine looks like. 

Miss Pippa girl excited for our first girls trip
We probably took 1,000 of these pictures we could not get over how cute they looked sitting in a row waiting for their food.

We strolled in the AM before it got too hot and I fell in love with this house in their neighborhood ( the Gator flag didnt hurt either )

 Heather and her beautiful family, how crazy cute are her twins Grayson and Scarlett 

We went and checked out the beach and I am now confident that Pippa will have curly hair lol humidity may not be her friend.

Just two gals floating in the pool post nap

 All this girl wants to do these days is cruise around 

Me and Heather love her and miss her so much. True friendships are hard to find and I am so lucky to have one in her.

Friday, April 25, 2014

5 on Friday

Hooray Hooray for Friday, doing the Carlton dance. Making this Friday even sweeter is the fact that tommorow me and miss Pippa girl are headed to Florida to spend a couple of days with one of my best friends. She had twins 6 weeks after I had Pippa, I have not met them yet and she has not Pippa so to say I am excited is a understatement. I thought this Friday I would share some of my favorite things currently! I hope you all have a great weekend I will share some pictures from our little girls weekend getaway on Tuesday!! 

1. Sugarboo for Target - I almost broke my neck while strolling thru the aisles. Perhaps I have been under a rock but I did not realize they were doing a line together and have been saving my pennies for one of their pieces for a while.

2. Peek Kids Spring Line - I am OBSESSED with this company all of their clothing is so darling for both boys and girls, on top of that their tshirts are very soft and wash well. While in Orange County me and my sister got to visit one of their stores it was like a little kid fairy tale, their attention to detail and handpicked books and toys along side their precious clothes just increased my love for their company. I picked up these two items for Kael and Pippa. 

3. Mara Hoffman teams up with Havaianas - these are my favorite flip flops and I love that these two teamed how could that bright print not make you happy??
4. Flynn Skye - I am loving jumpsuits for this spring and this one from the company Flynn Skyle at Urban Outfitters is makes my heart race.

5. Freshly Picked just came out with a bunch of new spring colors and I am having the hardest time deciding which ones to get for Pippa. I am leaning towards these.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

Today I am suffering from a Easter hangover but instead of being hungover from alcohol I am  hungover from the duties that are Moms for all of these Holidays. I really had no idea how much work went into all this when I was a kid. This was the first Easter that Kael really understood and I have to to say it was the best Easter I have had in while. That being said I am exhausted and looking forward to having a low key day today. Kael and Pippa were super lucky yesterday and got to see both sets of grandparents in the same day which almost never happens because they live in different states. Husbands Js parents came on Saturday so we could go out for a date night in DC, so they got to wake up with the kids on Easter and watch them open their Easter baskets and go to church with us. Then in the after church we went to my sisters and my whole family was there to celebrate. It was so nice but very busy and I think Kael consumed more candy than ever before but it was worth it. He also got to do his first ever Easter egg hunt which was priceless and me and my brother had a great time hiding the eggs. 

Its guts me that the first few pictures are so blurry ( stupid phone ) bc Pippa was really excited about her Easter basket which I did not expect at ALL. 

Checking out their loot together
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 Me and the family headed to church

I found the most adorable Easter Egg hunt kit for Kael this year. It was perfect, we put the signs in the areas that we hid the eggs and it really helped him locate them. 

 Finding his first egg I think his face says it all.

" the crazy uncle" joining the egg search  

Both of our babies first Easter so fun having these two so close in age.

It was a perfect day and I felt so blessed to have all my family around me and these two having such a fun day.

Friday, April 18, 2014

All Dressed with up Kael

Happy Good Friday!!! I am busy cleaning up the house for family coming into town this weekend to celebrate Easter with us but I thought I would break and share a All Dressed Up with Kael with you. If you have never hung around a three year old before I highly suggest you find one to have a conversation with because it is hysterical. Yesterday the majority of our conversation was trying to figure out " who took off Pippa's penis " He was highly concerned because she does not have one so obviously that meant someone must have taken it off -yikes! I could not stop laughing. He is also convinced that boys have juice in their nipples and Mommys have milk. This is a on going argument that quickly gets heated between Husband J and Kael. I can not make this stuff up people. We are only a couple weeks into three and I am already wanting to bottle it up. He is so curious and adventurous and his imagination goes on for miles and miles. I will be back on Monday to share some pictures from our Easter weekend with you all! I hope you have a great weekend.

** If you are wondering why Kael always has a band-aid on his head it is because he is obsessed with picking his scabs and keeps opening the same one. Super fun for Mommy.

this is Kael attempting to mow down the tree

I can not wait till Pippa finds her words the facial expressions she has while watching Kael are priceless.." sorry to break it to you Kael but that lawn mower is not going to cut it "

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Summer Wishlist { Mommy Edition }

Happy Hump Day! Is it really only Wednesday? I guess thats a good thing since I still have a few things I need to get together before Easter on Sunday. Kael is all pumped up about the Easter bunnies arrival which is so fun. I feel like kids believe in the Easter bunny for a much much shorter period of a time than they believe in Santa, probably because the idea of a gigantic Bunny hopping around the world is just a little TOO far fetched. We have signed Kael up for his first ever summer camp and I can't help but feel giddy with excitement and a little bit of relief. For the last three years I have been with him everyday all day with very little help and to say I am tired and out of ideas to keep this busy guy entertained is a understatement. This will be his first time going to any kind of preschool and I think we are both very ready. It will give me a little bit of me time and I can have some one on one time with Pippa. Speaking of one on one time I thought it had been a while since I did a grownup wishlist. Here are some items I am wishing for this summer I hope you guys have a great Wednesday. 

Obsessed with this dress hoping to get this to wear to my soon to be sister in laws shower this summer love the back.

I have been wanting a fun pair of leopard shoes these are perfect with jean shorts in the summer and a great price right now over at belk.

I can currently obsessed with the website PepperMayo they have cute pieces for a great price I love this top with a pair of white jeans for a date night.

Just ordered this amazing one piece from Anthropologie I love that you can take off the flutter piece in the middle. 

This romper from PepperMayo - adorable

I am still working on the lower part of my stomach ( two c sections will do a number on it ) so I like this as a inbetween suit.

Love these dressed Free People jeans perfect to wear with sandals or a wedge in the summer.

Thinking about pulling the trigger on the pretty dress to wear to my brothers wedding in Charlotte in october I love the pretty detail. just a little worried about it being cream so still debating thoughts?

Monday, April 14, 2014

This past weekend..

This past weekend we went back to where we grew up and where Jays parents live to spend sometime with his side of the family. The weather was gorgeous so of course I was happy as a clam. On Saturday night we went into Philadelphia into our old neighborhood and had dinner with my Brother in law and soon to be sister inlaw at our favorite restaurant right around the corner from our old house. This was big for me when we first moved away from Philly I could barely drive by the area on 95 without shedding a tear. While I was ready to get out of the city when we did that area holds such a special place in my heart it is the first home me and Husband J bought together it is where we lived when we got married and above all it was the house we lived in when we brought home our first baby. I can not tell you the hours I logged walking up and down those streets pushing my sweet baby boy. We walked by the house and took a couple of pictures in front of it and then enjoyed an amazing meal at Dos Segundos if you are ever in Northern Liberties in Philadelphia I highly suggest it. Kael and Pippa were in heaven all weekend playing with their grandparents and enjoying the warm temperatures. Here are some pictures from the weekend! Hope you guys have a great week! 

Enjoying strolling thru our old neighborhood.

Husband J and his brother Kyle.

Danielle and I

 I tried my first jalepeno margarita and it was delicious!! yummmmm

 Kael attached to the hip of his uncle Todd

 This picture Sums up my feelings for the weekend I feel like she is saying " thank you Jesus for the sunshine" 

Yesterday once we got home Pippa showed us how big she is getting and stood for about 10 seconds on her own. Can't believe how big she is getting.

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