Monday, February 28, 2011

Best Dressed Oscars

The Oscars were an absolute bore..I struggled not to fall asleep the entire time, even the red carpet with Ryan Seacrest was dry. The only thing that kept me from changing the channel to Bravo was looking at all the dresses. My Best Dressed goes to Mila Kunis in the Elie Saab collection that I blogged about earlier this week and that I LOVE. Michelle Williams redeemed herself at the Oscars and for some reason I am OBSESSED with Cate Blanchetts Givenchy Couture gown..its different and I like different, going to my girlfriends house this morning and continuing my cleaning spree later this afternoon..Happy Monday Everyone = )


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sister Shannon's Special Day

I was sitting here dreaming of the summer months and I thought about how the last couple of summers have been so hectic and busy for the Scott side of the family. Summer 2009 I got married and then this past summer 2010 my sister got married. It will be nice to have a non hectic summer { as non hectic as having a new baby can be } we will be celebrating my Fathers 60 Birthday in April but that does not bring nearly as much stress as a wedding... I realized that I had not shared my sisters wedding on my blog, I was SO SO morning sick on her wedding day and no one not even my Father knew I was pregnant I think I pulled it off pretty well, getting away with not drinking any wine all night was the hardest part . Here are a bunch of pictures from her special day { some of these pictures were taken by me and some by the photographer won't be hard to tell the difference } it was spectacular!!
P.S. If you are wondering where the groom is in these pictures for work related reasons his identity is not to be released on the internet...

Friday, February 25, 2011

They. Are. Not. Glamorous.

My Husband is out celebrating his Bday with his buddies and I just spent 20 minutes in my closet staring at my clothes..I miss my clothes, wine { read: anything with alcohol in it } and running { I even miss my running clothes }..but mostly my is a very VERY close second. I'm officially sick of my maternity clothing { If you want to even call black legging clothing } how do I say this well.... they. are. NOT. glamorous. Aren't the pictures below beautiful..I picture myself being like the women below once my little one is born..peeking into the stroller in a beautiful dress...I can dream right? I have decided that I am going to run a half marathon in the fall, I like goals and this goal is a sure way to get myself back into shape once my sweet nugget arrives. I am going to sign up before my due date because I am afraid it will be very easy to not stick to my goal { read: chicken out } once I get frazzled and busy with baby things..until then I will enjoy my time on the couch watching bad tv and eating..

Thursday, February 24, 2011

{ Sleep Deprivation and other things }

So it appears that me and sleep are in a fight and sleep is clearly winning, I hate to lose so I am doing my part at being stubborn by refusing to take a nap today because I am dreading the idea of laying awake again tonight. So many things are running through my mind { examples : when will the baby come, Sadie Mama needs a new collar, do I have enough onesies, I hate Husband J for being able to sleep on his back, if I think Im sleepy now how sleepy will I be when the baby comes, will Lindsay Lohan go to jail, how bad will labor hurt, wonder if Nicole Richie News has been updated, what if my water breaks while in bed will it ruin my mattress, what will I wear/ be able fit into for my Dads Birthday party in April, what if my water breaks in my car will it ruin my seats ahhhhh } its hard to relax and let my body rest. I woke Husband J up three times last night just to tell him I think I have insomnia..he didn't seemed concerned. My girlfriend brought her kids by this morning to see the nursery and a little chit chat, it was great to see how Sadie Mama was around the newborn baby, we have been a teeni bit worried about how she will react when the baby is brought home, to my delight she was so cute and curious tail wagging and happy the entire time. Hopefully tonight I will sleep deeply and have sweet dreams and I could only wish that maybe in them I could end up in some of these beautiful pictures below...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

{ Look of the Week }

Halle Berry looks incredible in this gorgeous Elie Saab gown, I love her haircut wish I had the guts to chop all my hair off and give it a try...some thing things however we should just leave to the gorgeous Halle...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

{ Keep Calm and Carry On }

Keep Calm and Carry On are the words I read every morning in my bathroom when getting ready. I picked to hang this picture above my bathtub because it is a saying that really makes me sit back take a deep breathe and reflect on what's most important, never more than now as my due date approaches do I need to really read and live these words. So when my photographer { Wren and Field Photography } gave me back my pregnancy pictures I loved to find that she had snuck into our bathroom and took a photo of the picture without me seeing it. I also love that she got some close up shots of my tattoo on my wrist that reads " Enjoy! Love Mom " which came from a note left to me from my own Mother before she passed away when I was 17, I love this tattoo so much because it is in her handwriting and a constant reminder to me to Enjoy life. Below are some of my pregnancy pictures taken mostly in my bedroom and some in my kitchen it took me a while to get used to looking at myself pregnant, but I am very happy I took them and even happier how they turned out I think that me and my Husband will really cherish these pictures in the years to come.
P.S. the picture at the end is of my fur baby Sadie Mama she was waiting for her close up the entire afternoon. xox

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