Monday, March 21, 2011

{ Random Monday Thoughts }

Random Rainy Monday Thoughts { read- I've been in the house too long }

- I watched Micheal Jackson this is it movie today, and I still can not believe that he is dead.

- He appears to be wearing a size zero zero women's pants in the movie

-I've been loving Rita's Waterice, it makes my baby kick like crazy which makes me wonder how much sugar they pack into it.

- Its FINALLY spring, thought it is rainy and ugly here today..

- How beautiful would it be to get married in a castle like the one below, I am huge fan of weddings in unique venues, not in love with hotel venues { the carpets in the ballrooms always throw me off } as a result it took me an ETERNITY to pick my wedding location { because of carpet neurotic much} but if someone to could find a place that looks like this castle..dream..

- IF the castle below ballroom has carpet in would be instantly off the list..

-I have been trying to get used to reading books on my ipad but it is just not the same, I LOVE the smell of a books..

- my new found reality obsession is Melissa and Joan Rivers show, Joan Rivers makes me laugh and scares me at the same interesting combination.

- I have been on the search for a perfect black flat for a couple of weeks now..harder than it looks..

Saturday, March 19, 2011

{ Horse Lover }

Not sure if many of you know this but growing up I owned an adorable chestnut pony named Dancer and I was a real Barn Rat. I spent many mornings into evenings with my pony dirty and happy as a clam. Beautiful sunny mornings like this make me want to go back in time tack up my horse and take a riding lesson..Happy Saturday its beautiful outside!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

{ Look of the Week }

I can only hope to be this stylish as a the clothes she picks out for her son also..perfection..

Images from Zimbio

Monday, March 14, 2011

{ Getting Antsy }

Feeling antsy over here..Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday. Below are just some pictures that made me happy..

Images PinInterest

Friday, March 11, 2011

26 going on 60 or 60 Going on 26??

Ok so my Father and Stepmom have had quite the month, two times this month I have found myself sitting on the sofa in my PJ's { eating some snack } getting texts from my Dad about his cool hip night. First he got to go out the Grammy's in LA and then Wednesday night he got to go for dinner at the White House..again the most out the ordinary thing about my month waswhen the UPS man knocked on the door before 430. All kidding aside me and my sister are POSITIVE that their social life is better than ours and we are 30 and 26, my Father turns 60 on this month. I begged them to visit Villa Blanca in LA which is owned by my favorite Real Housewife Lisa Vanderpump so they went and they said it was beautiful!! I can only hope when I am there age I have this kind of social life..Below are some pictures of their fun taken by my stepmom she had to be quite the sneaky paparazzi in the White House because I don't think they were technically supposed to be taking pictures..I get such a kick of all of these pictures they are so cute..HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!
P.S. Remember that picture I took a couple of months ago of me on the sofa ?? Im still in the same spot...

How cute is my Dad?
There is my Dad on the left with his hands on his hips listening intently to Obama..

There I am ...same spot....

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

{ Look of the Week }

{ Things On My Mind Today }

- Im obsessed with the new season of Bethenney

- I HATE the new Miami Housewives cast..they do nothing for me..boring

- I really do have the sweetest Husband ever, he brings me Ice Cream sandwiches in bed..and tells me Im beautiful 9 months pregnant

- I am mildly obsessed with Charlie Sheens rants my favorite quote so far is " Im tired of pretending like Im not special "

- I can't wait for Chelsea Handlers new book, but Im not sure once the baby comes if I will have time to read it.

- I want to do something different with my hair..but I know I will end up chickening out..

- Speaking of chickening out I have to sign up for a half marathon

- Husband J and I are so fascinated about the random things that make me cry full on crocodile tears..

- My Father and Stepmom get to have dinner at the White House tonight..I will most likely heat up Tyson's chicken nuggets..glamorous

- Speaking of Glamorous I want to BE Nicole Richie..she can not get any more stylish..

Images Nicole Richie Anonymous

Saturday, March 5, 2011

{ It's All For You }

Around month 5 in my pregnancy is when I first stepped foot into Babiesrus to look around and take it all in. Aside from being totally freaked out at the amount of stuff you need for a baby I also realized that I didn't love any of the nursery sets that all come together so I decided I would take my time slowly piece by piece create the nursery that I pictured and really wanted. I then found out that I was having a little boy which I am SO excited about but I def had to pull back on my decorating to make sure it looked like a baby boys room. So { after many eye rolls and budget talks with Husband J } the room is finally finished and I am finally totally happy with it. I picked white furniture because I felt that goes with a little boy or a little girl, we had the dresser/changing table made because I couldn't find a dresser in the baby furniture stores that I really loved. I found the knobs for the dresser at anthropologie and gave them to the furniture designer and it turned out better than I ever pictured. The lamp on the changing table is what inspired the entire nursery I felt like it was out of a story book and from there I went with the branch bird theme. I found the adorable branch curtain hooks at Urban Outfitters and thought they went perfectly with the gold mirror above the dresser and the gold on the dresser knobs. Half way through the process I got worried that the room started to feel too girly so when I found the sweet wood elephant for the bookcase I fell in love because I thought it added a touch of little boy to the little room, from there the side table felt right and everything else just fell into is by far my favorite room in the house{ Little Sadie Mama loves the room also can anyone spot her in one the pictures } and the best part of the room is still yet to arrive : ) We are patiently waiting for you Baby Rogers!!

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