Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! So we survived the hurricane, honestly around here in Northern Virginia it was more like a bad rain storm which I am very very thankful for power out with a 19 month old is NO FUN at all not even for the first 5 minutes so I am grateful we kept our power and the storm didnt do any damage to our new home. Since I had so much time inside these past 48 hours I obviously spent way too much time on Pinterest here are some of my favorite pins for the week. I hope all of you that were affected by the storm are OK xoxo

In love with the light and airy playroom and all of the great organization

 Basically anything taco I am sold on...this speaks for itself YUM

 I know this may seem weird but I need this in my cabinets nothing makes me more annoyed that looking through my cabinets and all of my pots and pans falling out so frustrating!!! I think this rack is only like 9 bucks at Lowes

How beautiful is this table? I have been looking at it trying to decide why I am so in love with it and I think it is the light blue napkins against the gold tablecloth..just beautiful

I am always on the hunt for great basics to wear around the house and when I run my errands with Kael the days of getting unpractical clothes are sadly over for a while so I love when I find an affordable website that sells cute tops with a little extra detail how cute its this scalloped top?? Found it over on SheInside its got some cute stuff check it out!

** all images can be found on my pinterest page

Monday, October 29, 2012


Helllllloooo I am back.... we have moved and are finally feeling a little { emphasis on little } settled dont get me wrong we def still have brown boxes scattered around and more furniture to buy but the basic stuff is out and we are getting to know our new hood. This past weekend we went back to where we grew up for the wedding of two of our best friends it was the first wedding that me and Jay have both been in together which was kinda fun and to make matters more fun we introduced this couple so it was a very very sweet weekend and a gorgeous fall wedding. So back to the house ..I am going to do a little room reveal once I am done decorating each room a little before and after if you like that kind of thing. No room is ready for that yet but I will get your opinion on some small decisions I am trying to make we have a hutch in our dining room that we keep all of our wine martini glasses ect in and I want to repaint in and line the back with wallpaper I have decided on this color for the hutch I have been eyeing it for a while on my pinterest isnt the cornflower blue gorgeous? 

                                         Now I need to decide which wallpaper to line it with? Remember me mentioning the awesome fabric website Spoonflower ? Well now they also make custom wallpaper how amazing it that?? Here are a few of my favorites for the hutch, what do you think?

        For those of your braving the Frakenstorm { which we are } stay dry and safe!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy Wednesday everyone!! Anyone else getting excited about Halloween besides me? I am still not sure what Im going to dress Kael as yet. Last year he was an adorable elephant and I think I am going to go the baby costume rt one more year before next year comes and he starts vetoing costumes. I am feeling so inspired by some of these fall decorating ideas I am seeing I think we might be a little too busy at the new house for me to find the time to put into some of them but I will def put them into my internet hoarding space { Pinterest } and remember them for next year! Hope you guys all enjoy your HUMP day!!

If I was going to have a haunted house { which I never will because I HATE Haunted Houses } I would pick this adorable invitation!! 

 Oh yea me and Husband J celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary yesterday can't believe its been three years since we 
were in a room surrounded by Family and Friends dancing to this song which will forever be my favorite.

** all images can be found on my pinterest

Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday, Monday...

This is it..the last week the three of us will live in our FIRST home together. So bittersweet and it will probably fly by because we have some much to do before the movers come on Monday. So much good has happened in this house I hate to say goodbye to it however I am SO excited for a fresh start and to find what other good things are next home will bring to us. I hope everyone had a good weekend, ours was fun and low key spending time with friends watching football and I went and had my hair colored a dark dark brown { almost black } I LOVE it! Here are some of the things across the internet I fell in love with over the weekend
This little blob of paint may look like nothing but it has been keeping me up at night! We are painting our new home right when we move in and I have been trying to find the right white { say that 10 times fast } I THINK I have settled on Dove White.

Can someone please invite me to this GORGEOUS fall gathering that I found over on my favorite blog Camille Styles, seriously guys if you haven't already checked her out do so because she always has the most beautiful things on her site.
Did you guys watching the Emmy's last night? It was a bit of a snooze fest but Kerry Washing made me sit up in my seat! I loved her gown and how simple she kept her hair makeup and jewelry!!

OK I am not a tech nut I did not get the new iphone5 and I probaly wont get it till my current one dies HOWEVER this new gadget from Bikn allows for your phone to find your keys when they are missing and your keys to find your phone when it is missing HELLOOOOO lifesaver!!! This will literally chop 20 minutes off my day..adding to my Christmas list!

Speaking of chopped this Autumn Chopped Salad looks AMAZING Ive been trying to eat healthy during the week so when Sat and Sun come around and Husband J brings in the wings I don't feel quite as guilty and while I was hunting for the recipe I found it connected to an adorable food blog check it out

Friday, September 21, 2012

Piperlime Goodies

Happy Friday everyone!!! And the countdown has started roughly two weeks before we head out of Philly for good, pretty crazy when I think of things like that. Do you guys shop on Piperlime? It is a online only store owned by the Gap that is stuffed full of really great stuff from all different price points. My Favorite thing about the site is that I can shop for me Jay and Kael in all one place! Another really really great bonus is the fact that three of my favorite ladies { Rachel Zoe, Olivia Palermo and Rachel Bilson } have been asked to be the guest editors and pick there favorite things from the website for each season in all different price points!! It is really fun to see all of these incredibly fashion forward ladies picks and dream over getting some of them! If you are having a hard time picking out things for your fall wardrobe definitely check this out!! Here are some of my favorite picks

Monday, September 17, 2012

{ Mommy Monday }

Happy Monday Everyone!! OK I need to get right to this! Did everyone watch the season finale of the Kardashians last night? I have a serious love hate relationship with this family but I just can't seem to stop watching their show! Kourtney and Khloe are really the only two that I really like on the show but the two of them make it! So last night Kourtney gave birth to her little girl and it make me SOB like a baby and at the same time cringe! Her pulling her children out is a little much for me but more power to her! I love the age Mason is to be a big brother he is walking talking and semi understanding what is going on! I am obsessed with how Kourtney dresses Mason so I really can not wait to see how she dresses her little girl! In other news it has been a daily battle lately getting Kael to eat some of the foods that used to be his favorite I think he is kinda getting sick of the same old same old so it is time to mix it up a little bit for the little prince. These are some of the recipes I am going to try for him this week I will report back which ones were a hit!

I am obsessed with this idea I saw on the blog Clover Lane, you make a recipe book of all your kids favorite recipes filled with pictures of them eating it or helping make it!! I am 100 percent going to do this for my children some day!

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Friday, September 14, 2012

{ Happy Weekend }

Hooray!!!! Double Hooray! Its Friday and for me Friday has never looked so good. This week was a LONG one. Husband J was away the entire week and I was home with a sick baby. As a little treat the Husband  booked a massage for me tomorrow.. I could not be ANY MORE excited. I have a whole " ME TIME" day planned including sitting at Barnes and Noble for hours reading magazines sipping my latte and enjoying some frozen yogurt after my massage is done. I even have a dinner planned with one of my close girl friends we are going to try out a new restuarant in Philly called Seraphina and you better believe I will be having a cocktail or TWO. I need it, my bones are tired and the next month or so is only going to continue to get busier so it is time to decompress a little.
 You guys are on pinterest right? I am OBSESSED with it! So many beautiful images that instantly brighten my mood. I thought this Friday I would share some of my favorite pins from the week. I hope you guys have a great weekend and find some time to relax!!

 It is no secret that I am borderline obsessed with Mexican food! However Ive been trying to drop a couple pounds I picked up since I stopped nursing Kael so this Avocado salad gives me a little Mexian flavor without the calories I am planning on making it and adding a little ground turkey mixed with Taco Seasoning on top mmm
I found these sunscreen wipes on my favorite blog Camille Styles she recently just had a little girl so is having Moms share what they carry in their diaper bag. I could not believe I have never seen these before!! They would have come so in handy down the shore this summer! I still ordered some to keep in my purse for days at the park! 

 How cute is this Topshop dress?? And it is priced so so well! Thinking about scooping this up for my girlfriend Lauras wedding in Oct!

 I am CONSTANTLY rifling thru my diaper bag looking for my keys, my cellphone a pacifer and the list goes on so I LOVED this Riksaw for J.Crew diaper pouch for only 14$. With my new move I have some new resolutions and being more organized is one of them.

We have been doing a ton of purging getting ready to move and I did something kinda big.. I THREW OUT my makeup bag. It was filled with old makeup and brushes that I don't even know how to use. SO on my list of things to do is go out and get a tutorial on HOW to put simple makeup on { I rarely wear makeup only when going out for a evening } Butttt Im getting kinda tired of people asking what grade in High School Im in or if Im Kaels nanny { Not Kidding } I love how this brush diagram breaks down what every brush is for. I think this FOXY Tory Burch makeup bag is playful and a perfect place to start my new collection

How AMAZING is this wedding? Love the rustic feel to it! It is the wedding of stylist Simone Harouche featured in INSIDE Weddings magazine which was my favorite wedding magazine to flip thru while I was planning my own wedding see more images from this stunning wedding here

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall Clothes.

Fall For Kael

Fall Mom Uniform

1. Current Elliot Jeans, 2 House of Harlow Flats 3. RayBan Sunglasses 4. Shirt from Conversation Pieces

WHEW it has been a trying week over here... Kael has some new teeth coming in and with that has came a stuffy nose and a fever and NO SLEEP so this Mama is a little tired, after being cooped up in the house for a couple of days we stepped outside this morning for some coffee and Its is here... I can smell it in the air, fall is officially around the corner which only means it time for some new fall clothes! One of my favorite things growing up about this time of year was going back to school the new pencils and notebooks and of course the new clothes. My favorite store for clothing for Kael is Zara kids they put a little extra detail into their boy clothes and always have fun different colors. I also went over to J.Crew, crewcuts I have to admit I  was a little sticker shocked.. I mean these kids grow out of these clothes in months and half of the stuff was more expensive than my stuff... but I did buy Kael the cutest little puffer vest can't wait to see him in it in the fall. We are out to enjoy this beautiful weather hope you all have a great Thursday!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Rogers Household lately...

Happy Monday everyone!! It is FINALLY a beautiful Monday here in Philadelphia 75 degrees and sunny.. after a touch and go weekend I am so happy to see the sun!! Ive been rambling on a lot lately about the move but there has been a lot of other stuff going on in this house so today I thought I would catch you on some of the things that have been happening lately..

About three weeks ago I had the honor being maid of honor at my best friends wedding she literally married  her childhood sweetheart in the most gorgeous Madison Wisconsin wedding. She was a STUNNING bride from head to toe and had everything planned perfectly as only Michelyn would! They had a perfect crisp clear day it was truly magical and I couldn't be any happier for her

The Above dress is ONE of her THREE gorgeous dresses! 

I decided that I really really was sick of feeling flabby and I was kinda over my friendship with the roll on by stomach so I figured getting back into running would be a good idea for all parties involved. I purchased the Bob Revolution Stroller { supposedly the Mercedes of jogging strollers, I thought the handle look nice n sturdy for  me to lean on while running } in order to incorporate jogs into the day with Kael. Knowing myself I realize I need a goal to work towards in order to stay motivated so I just jumped right in and signed up for a 5 mile race in Virginia, its a trail run which I LOVE and I thought it was something fun to do in our new town! I will let you now how it goes the Race is in Nov so I have time to work back up to 5 miles if you live and Philly and pass me on Kelly drive crying just tell me to keep on going!! 

This little guy is getting not so little and very very opinionated!! His new favorite word is NO! In the last couple of weeks alone he has hit his head more than in his entire 17 months. He is just so so busy and getting into EVERYTHING its nerve racking but very fun to watch him explore..

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