Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! So we survived the hurricane, honestly around here in Northern Virginia it was more like a bad rain storm which I am very very thankful for power out with a 19 month old is NO FUN at all not even for the first 5 minutes so I am grateful we kept our power and the storm didnt do any damage to our new home. Since I had so much time inside these past 48 hours I obviously spent way too much time on Pinterest here are some of my favorite pins for the week. I hope all of you that were affected by the storm are OK xoxo

In love with the light and airy playroom and all of the great organization

 Basically anything taco I am sold on...this speaks for itself YUM

 I know this may seem weird but I need this in my cabinets nothing makes me more annoyed that looking through my cabinets and all of my pots and pans falling out so frustrating!!! I think this rack is only like 9 bucks at Lowes

How beautiful is this table? I have been looking at it trying to decide why I am so in love with it and I think it is the light blue napkins against the gold tablecloth..just beautiful

I am always on the hunt for great basics to wear around the house and when I run my errands with Kael the days of getting unpractical clothes are sadly over for a while so I love when I find an affordable website that sells cute tops with a little extra detail how cute its this scalloped top?? Found it over on SheInside its got some cute stuff check it out!

** all images can be found on my pinterest page

Monday, October 29, 2012


Helllllloooo I am back.... we have moved and are finally feeling a little { emphasis on little } settled dont get me wrong we def still have brown boxes scattered around and more furniture to buy but the basic stuff is out and we are getting to know our new hood. This past weekend we went back to where we grew up for the wedding of two of our best friends it was the first wedding that me and Jay have both been in together which was kinda fun and to make matters more fun we introduced this couple so it was a very very sweet weekend and a gorgeous fall wedding. So back to the house ..I am going to do a little room reveal once I am done decorating each room a little before and after if you like that kind of thing. No room is ready for that yet but I will get your opinion on some small decisions I am trying to make we have a hutch in our dining room that we keep all of our wine martini glasses ect in and I want to repaint in and line the back with wallpaper I have decided on this color for the hutch I have been eyeing it for a while on my pinterest isnt the cornflower blue gorgeous? 

                                         Now I need to decide which wallpaper to line it with? Remember me mentioning the awesome fabric website Spoonflower ? Well now they also make custom wallpaper how amazing it that?? Here are a few of my favorites for the hutch, what do you think?

        For those of your braving the Frakenstorm { which we are } stay dry and safe!!!

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