Thursday, June 20, 2013

Candidly Nicole

Happy Thursday its almost the weekend { doing a little dance } You guys know that I am in love with Nicole Richie well she just recently came out with a new AOL series named Candidly Nicole and it is pretty funny. She is so witty I love watching her say things to make people squirm. I also love checking out what she is wearing in all of the videos. She is in such great shape lean but very toned which she credits to the Tracy Anderson Method. I mentioned before in one of my other posts that  I am going to try out one of her videos once I am on my feet again after having my baby. Here are two of my favorite videos from her AOL Series hope these put a smile on your face!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Baby Girl Clothes

Happy Monday everyone!! It is a hot one in Northern VA and I am HUGE so me and the little man got in our outside time early this am and are spending the afternoon inside watching a movie. It is so funny listening to him laugh out loud at different parts of the movie. I love to rewind and watch him laugh at the same parts over and over. Is there anything better than the sounds a child laughing? As you may know as it is surely not a secret I am clothes junky. I have had to change my spending habit considerably since becoming a Mom and most of my money goes towards my sons clothing which is fine bc I love shopping for him. I would at this point call my self a pro at shopping for little boys I know all the good stores this brands you can only find online you name it. Now that we are about to have a little girl I am a novice all over again. This time however cuteness is honestly all over the place and much easier to find so it has been a little tougher deciding on my " girl style " I recently found the adorable blog called Lunchpails and Lipstick which led me to the brand called Peek. It looks adorable online but then I stumbled upon it while browsing in Nordstrom and it is truly precious

Another favorite for me is Zara kids this is my go to shop for clothing for Kael and I have a feeling my shopping cart is going to double because there stuff is so so sweet for girls also I especially love there shoe selection

Lastly another goodie that is going to have to wait a while because they do not start until age 2 but Crewcuts may be my favorite. I would wear most of this stuff myself.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Re Sparked Girl Crush

Hello long lost blogger friends! I have been bad and not keeping up well with the blog but as I explained in my last post I am tired and also obsessed with cleaning. My nesting this time around has been a little out of control. I seriously sit and look around and try to think of things to organize. I will say now that I am almost done my second pregnancy that I don't think I crave foods I crave smells and I am a huge nester. If someone were to ask what my two biggest cravings were this time around it would be Glade Linen Fresh Carpet Powder .I literally would sprinkle it once a week on our carpets upstairs and I vaccumed like once a day so I could smell it until my Doctor yelled at me for breathing in " those chemicals " opps - not going to lie I really miss doing it. My second craving would be coconut breeze and fresh linen car fresheners by Yankee Candle I love the smell of them when the air is blowing in my car- how strange is that ? I noticed a picture of Jessica Simpson today looking VERY pregnant and googled her to see if anyone had spilled her due date yet. No such luck there but I did find out that she listed her home in Beverly Hills and I almost squealed while looking at all the pictures. I thought I was kinda over the shabby chic look but it turns out I am not. I think this is truly my style mix it up with a little more mirrored furniture and there is my style in a ball. I would LOVE an all white fluffy sofa but my husband just is not going for it. I knew I would love her house all the way back from when she took her newborn pics of her daughter in People magazine. The girl may know how to pack on the pounds while pregnant but I still think underneath it all girlfriend has some great taste. I know she takes a lot of heat in the press and I think she handles it so well I have loved her since her newlywed days and this home may have sparked my girl crush again.

The outside of the house may honestly be my favorite how dreamy would it be to sit out here with a glass of Riesling ??

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