Monday, May 15, 2017


Hey guys hope you are having a great start to your week! I thought I would share some of our pictures from our trip to Beijing. We really lucked out on this trip. Just days before we arrived Beijing had a bad wind storm and horrible pollution. I didn't have high hopes for our trip at all. The storm ended and blew out all of the pollution so we ended up with a gorgeous blue skied days. The picture below is us on the wall and zero filter on it at all. The great wall was something I knew I had to see especially since I lived in China for more than a couple of years. Jay had to push me a little to book this trip because it was a lot of sight seeing and I am much more into beach trips. I am SO glad we did. Seeing the Forbidden City in Beijing and the Great Wall was so interesting both rich with so much history and so many awesome truly unbelievable stories. I still can not understand how they even built this wall. It took them 250 YEARS to complete. Our guide told us it is the longest tomb in the world because so many people died while building it and bodies were built into the wall. CRAZY. 

Nothing says The Great Wall of China like good ole Burger King afterwards

Here we are in the Forbidden City. This place was huge and so interesting loved hearing about all the emperors and they rules and scandal that went on inside these city walls. 

A little tired at this point lol

 people taking pictures of the kids just par for the course...

Here is a picture of the Terracota Warriors in Xian. After staying in Beijing we jumped on a plane to go and see them. It was awesome such a wild story. A farmer was searching for water in the 70's and FOUND these warrior and the signt of a emperors tomb. Truly insane.

After seeing the warriors we tried their local soup it was delicious! 

Amazing sky on our flight home

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Year of Me.

Hi guys!! We are back from a fun long weekend exploring China and are getting back into the swing of day to day life here in Shanghai. I have tons of fun pictures to share with you from our trip that I will hopefully get posted sometime this week. Today I am talking about the goal that I set for myself at the start of this year which was to make it the year that I focused on my health and getting back into shape also spending more time doing things just for myself. I felt selfish making this my yearly goal but at then end of the day I have been giving all of myself to Motherhood since I became pregnant at 25 . I have nursed all of my children past a year only to then find myself pregnant again. Mama is TIRED. I have no plans of changing my devotion to my children at all but somehow in it all I need to make sure I carve out some time for myself.

Little did I know that 2017 was going to start out by throwing me curve ball after curve ball. First with some stuff with my beautiful nephew then with the loss of a family friend. Finally it seems the storm is settling and I am now feeling emotionally ready to invest this time in myself. SO with that being said it seems that the stars are lining up because one of my old childhood friends who is a personal trainer ( @bodybybriana on instagram if you want to follow her )  messaged me asking if I would like for her to set me up with a workout plan. ummmm YESSS. So I am really going to go all out with this and post my before picture to track my progress. I was going to post my weight but then at the end of the day that doesn't really matter my goal is to feel my best not weight my least. Also I will post some of her workouts if you guys are interested in doing them with me. I will update you in a month and let you know my progress. Fingers crossed I will be Beach ready! Remember to follow @bodybybriana on instagram for daily workout inspo.

Here is my before picture. Not bad but no where were I want to be in terms of being comfortable and happy with MYSELF. My goals are not other goals I just want to be in a place where I feel good in my clothes and in my own skin. My problem areas are my lower stomach ( after 3 sections ) and my saddle bag area on my legs. I would love to tone up my arms are well so I feel better in sleeveless tops.

Todays Leg Workout by @bodybybriana

1. Start with a warmup such as
- Stairs 10x
- Frog Jumps up and back in Hallway
-3 sprints outside
-10 minute jog

Legs -
Circut 1:
1. Single leg step up with a kick back - two dumbbells 8-10 pounds and a sturdy chair/bench/ottonman Do 15 reps each leg
2.Split lunge jumps, no weight 20 reps
3. Plank with single leg raise. The leg raise is more of a pulse, 30 seconds each leg

Circuit 2 :
1. Single leg Lunge off bench, use 8-10 pound dumbbell 12-15 reps per leg. Squeeze butt at the top
2. Over the bench tap backs - Hold one 10lb dumbbell under your chin. 15 reps then repeat with other leg
3. " Frog Booty Raise" . ( on floor or hips hanging off ottoman )

1. Plie squat wwith 25lb dumbbell ( 15-20 reps )
2. Standing Side leg raises against weight 15 reps each leg
3 Single leg booty lift. Lay on your back ( on the ground ) one heel on the bench, the other leg straight up in the air and lift butt off the ground 20 reps each leg.

You guys Im not asking for much..just you know to KILL IT like Kourtney Kardashian hahaha JK. I will check back with you guys next week to give you an arm workout and let you know how sore I am. Hope you have a great Wednesday!!

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