Thursday, June 29, 2017

schoooooolllllsss out for the summer.....

Well the end of the kids school year is FINALLY here. Since Kael and Pippa attend a British school here we are off the US school schedule by about 2 weeks and it has felt like a very very long school year. Not sure if I have mentioned before but when we left the US ..we left. We sold our house both of our cars and when we land in the US again we will literally have nothing! Exciting and scary at the same time. So we will jump right into house hunting and finding me a car to lug these childrens around in. There are SO many things I am excited about when I think about returning to the US.  picking up the phone and calling my sister and best friends on the SAME TIME ZONE jumping in the car and driving to the library when I am in the mood for a new read actually smelling the pages of the book and holding it in my hand instead of reading it on my ipad. Diet Lemonade from Chic Fila being able to buy from cute companies easily on the internet exploring cities in and around Texas ( especially Chip and Joannas Silos in Waco )  so so much. There are however some amazing things here in China that I will miss also. First and mostly how safe it is, for the last couple of years we have literally been living in a bubble just listening to the horrific news that is happening in the US and we have not taken it for granted one bit. Coming home means turning on another switch with my senses way up. I will miss driving the Tuk Tuk, all the hustle and bustle of Shanghai, ordering groceries by texting the little lady at the store down the street and having them delivered in 10 minutes. I will miss watching the people here in their element so different than mine and getting a fancy massage for 20 dollars an hour. I will miss all the markets having clothes made , THE FLOWER MARKET, dumplings I will miss our ayi and our driver not their services so much as their presence in our day to day life and the relationship they have with my children. SO much SO SO much. So to ease all the bittersweetness that is going on in my head I made a awesome frozen rose to celebrate the start of summer in the Rogers household.

Frozen Rose

1/3 cup water
1/4 cup sugar
1 bottle of rose
1 lemon squeezed and its zest
1/3 cup lemonade

Directions :

Add water, sugar , lemon and lemonade to a pot and bring to a boil stirring to make sure that sugar dissolves.

Take Rose and place in a 9x13 pan and freeze for 3 hours.

Once Rose is firm scoop slush into a cup and add the simple syrup on top to taste garnish with a lemon and enjoy!

I added a splash of  diet sprite to mine to give it a little fizzzz....

Friday, June 23, 2017

Nursing + House Inspo

Well the time has officially come my youngest wants nothing to do with me and has weaned herself from nursing. Ohhhh so bittersweet! 16 months was a good run though and I am so thankful I have so far been able to nurse all of my babies. I never really go into nursing much because I feel like it is such a personal thing. There is SO much judgement out there from Moms and I am not one of those people. I never knew what I was going to do when I pregnant with Kael if I was going to nurse or not I didn't have a birth plan or anything I was just in the mindset of lets get this kid here safely and go from there. In terms of breast vs bottle I stand firmly in the " the kids got to eat " position. However that works out best for the baby and the mom then I feel like it is good. Nursing for me has come pretty easily each time but that doesnt mean that I havent had my ups and downs. Between not knowing how to handle my milk with Kael and getting overly engorged and worrying I wasnt making enough for Pippa because she was always on the smaller side on the growth chart. Each time though I kept with it and in the end it always ended up OK and my body adjusted to each child's needs. I think my biggest tip for new Moms nursing is to trust your body relax dont get frustrated and to feed on demand the first couple of months in order to ensure your body makes enough milk.I would also introduce the bottle after 6 weeks one thing I never got down was pumping and bottle feed so none of my kids ever took a bottle and that was very stressful at times and hard for me to leave them longer than a small chunk of time. With all that being said nursing all of my kids this long ranks up there with one of the things I am most proud of. Mostly because it is hard takes dedication and I pushed thru each time to give my child what they needed.

We are gearing up for our move to the US and I am currently OBSESSED with home inspo on pinterest. I have mentioned before I am hoping to take on a dated home with good bones and fix it up to exactly to  my liking. I have always had a passion for home interiors so this is my chance to really put that passion to use. Here are some of my favorite spaces on the web right now that have me so excited to get back to the US and find a perfect space for our little family.

image from Casa Haus

love the idea of doing something super fun and quirky in a small space in the house perfect for a little downstairs powder room or a laundry room. 

image from studio mcgee 

I am in LOVE with the idea of having a little kitchen breakfast nook a place for the kids to enjoy their breakfast and after school snack. With this house we can potentially be there for a while and I get giddy with the thought of my kids growing up in it.

These colors above are all so beautiful soothing inviting and happy exactly what I hope our home is. 

Lastly me and Jay promised each other we would actually put effort into our bedroom this time. I love making happy spaces for the kids so my room usually comes last but this time we are going to make a zone for ourselves and first on the list is a new bed. Loving this one above from West Elm.

Lastly I wanted to share two awesome books that I have read lately. Being over here in Shanghai has been amazing in so many ways but difficult on some  personal relationships in our life. It is hard to be so far away from people for three years and at times that lack of face time takes a toll. One thing that I have taken away from these three years out of the country is the people who are truly happy for my family the people who want to see us succeed and spread our wings. Sadly this hasn't been everyone we have come to realize that not everyone wants to see you take a big different bite out of life and it has really confused and affected me and my husband. So we have been looking inwardly and trying to better ourselves. At the end of the day we are in control of only ourselves and we can either pick to get down about the situation or try to grow from it. 


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