Thursday, November 3, 2016

Disneyland Shanghai / Halloween

The last couple weeks have been so long and draining for this little family of mine. Our Thailand trip was for surely the calm before the storm. Right when we returned home we moved into a new house. Two days after all of our boxes were in the new house Jay left for two weeks straight for business. IT WAS INSANE. So not only could I not find a hairbrush or a bra but my Husband was missing in action also. As always we got thru it but me and the kids were in need of some FUN. Shanghai just this past spring opened its doors to Disneyland and we have been so anxious to go and check it out. It was a absolute mad house this spring and summer so decided to wait until Fall to see what it was all about and I am so happy that we did because it was just what the doctor ordered. The kids were so so happy to have us all together and to be outside enjoying the last warm days in Shanghai before the bad air and cold weather arrives. Selah was a dream baby and just smiled her way thru the day and even took a three hour nap. Halloween was a blur and I barely got any good pictures of the kids. Kael was so so so excited to run around with his friends. Watching the Holidays thru his eyes is so much fun. Next year we promised each other to get a good family costume going. Anybody have any good ideas? I hope you guys have a great Wednesday 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Thailand 2016

Hello from a rainy chilly day in Shanghai. I couldn't think of a more perfect day to look thru all our warm pictures from Thailand. So first things first I think I need to explain on here how the expat world here in Shanghai works. It seems much to my surprise upon arriving that there are A LOT of " Holidays" or as we call it in the US school breaks. On these Holidays the expats all escape to some place cool to make the most of their experience living abroad. Some people travel every break some opt to stay in Shanghai during some of them and other go home a lot. Since we are so far from home that really isnt a option so we pick to escape to experience some of the awesome places in South East Asia. We have been to Thailand two other times the first to Phuket and the other time quickly to see what the city of Bangkok is all about. We LOVE IT there. The food the people the weather it is all amazing and honestly could go back over and over. We stayed at the JW Marriot in Khao Lak and it didnt disappoint. I am always asked on my instagram account how I handle traveling with small children so I thought I would leave you with my top 5 traveling tips. 

1. We try to schedule long flights ( such as our flight to the US from Shanghai ) in the the later afternoon. That way by the time the excitement of the plane ride has worn off and they are sick of their ipad games it is about time for them to go to sleep. 

2. Bring activities and lollipops for take off. Usually at takeoff they ask the kids to turn off their ipads which can seem like the end of the world once the kids have their little hands on the magic game machines. I make sure to intercept a tantrum with a lollipop and a new book usually for Pippa ( age 3 ) I do a coloring book and for Kael ( age 5 ) I do a handwriting workbook. I usually bring two different activities one for take off and one for landing.

3. I always bring  throw away sippy cups in my carry on bag so when the drink cart comes around I have them pour juice into their cups that way we dont have to deal with the spills that come with the flimsy little plastic cups they provide. 

4. If we are doing a long international flight I bring Pajamas on the flight and 
have the kids change into them when it is around their bedtime I do the whole routine brush their teeth read a book and then turn off their overhead lights and say OK it is time for bed and then silently pray to baby Jesus that they go to sleep

5. Last and certainly not least I will share with you my secret I take with my on all plane rides. It is top secret so I don't share it with too many people. OK here goes.. the plane lands eventually. Yup thats it that is what I repeat to myself over and over once I start feeling anxious about the kids behavior. This will be over soon and it will be all worth it once we land in our destination. 

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Our Thanksgiving

Happy Sunday! We have had a busy few days here with Thanksgiving and both me and Kael being sick. Sadly I think that Husband J is coming down with a little something now. In my house growing up it wouldn't be Thanksgiving if someone wasn't sick. Just that time of year when the germs are all over the place. Luckily we were both well enough to make it out for Thanksgiving dinner. I was going to be really ambitious and attempt to make our dinner here at home but after scanning ALL the ( imported ) ingredients I would need for each dish I quickly decided it would be much more economical to find a great place that was offering a Thanksgiving meal. We settled on place downtown and all got gussied up and headed out for Thanksgiving dinner. It was delicious and we all left happy and full. We had a cold snap going thru Shanghai which I kind of loved because it made it really feel like Thanksgiving me being from the Northeast and never really having too warm of a Thanksgiving. Last year really felt like we were majorly out of element on Thanksgiving and SO far from home. This year we felt at home just missing our families if that makes any sense at all.

After coming home from dinner the kids Elf " Eli " was waiting for them with Christmas PJs a new Christmas book and a note from Santa. To say the kids were thrilled is a understatement. On Saturday we woke up and headed to the Flower Market here. This happens to be one of my favorite places in Shanghai and Im ESPECIALLY in love with it during Christmas time. It is STUFFED to the brim with Christmas decorations, wrapping paper, ornament and real fresh Christmas Trees and wreath that make the whole place smell like Christmas wrapped in a bow. We picked out some wreaths to hang from the living room windows and got a couple more sets of lights for our tree. We spent the rest of the day decking the house out while listening to all of our favorite Christmas carols. The house is pretty much finished aside for a small tree we are going to let the kids decorate all by themselves. Saturday evening me and Husband J headed out to a friendsgiving hosted by some of our good American friends here. It was a fun night but I sure did miss consuming too much wine. Today Kael had his best little buddies Birthday party and me and Pippa have been super lazy laying around the house reading books and trolling on Pinterest. Overall it has been a excellent start to the Holiday season! Below are some pictures from our weekend! Hope you all have great week!

All dressed up for Thanksgiving dinner 

Finding Eli the Elf in Pippa's room. 

Pippa and Husband Jay enjoying the Flower market

Our tree! Going to add a couple more white ornaments and then it will be done! 

About to leave for our Friendsgiving

Kael likes for me to leave him a lipstick kiss before I go out so he can look in the mirror at it if he misses me. 

Kael super excited to be headed to a Birthday party