Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I am a Makeup Novice..

 Something strange is happening it is 7:10 in the morning I am sitting at my kitchen table writing this drinking coffee { decaf } and my son is still sleeping which never happens he is like clockwork up at 6:30 on the dot maybe this will be his new two year old tradition?? It feels amazing to wake up and get a little situated before he is up asking a million questions, I may need to start waking up at 6! So I have a secret I do not wear makeup..ever.. it is not cute or even close to being acceptable especially with the bags that have camped out underneath my eyes from the many sleepless nights with Kael. I dont know what is wrong with me I blame it on my soccer days and always working out and sweating but then I look at my old teammates and realize,Yup they wear makeup everyday like a normal individual. Soooo as my 29th Birthday approaches and the realization that I am a grown as woman running around looking 10 most of the time hits me. I believe it is time to start wearing some makeup. The thing is I dont really know what I am doing when it comes to wearing makeup..I have been telling myself that I am like Nicole Richie { my bestie } who claims that she doesn't wear makeup often because she just doesnt know how, but um no she basically always looks good and I just don't. 

My skin does not look this fresh and Im pretty sure she is just leaving the gym..

So I started by getting a cute makeup bag from Nordstrom thats important right a step in the right direction! 
Now the hard part that I am kinda stuck on what makeup do I put in it ? My girlfriend Amy told me about " BB" cream so I went to get some and I got the wrong color for my skin. This is the story of my makeup life and the reason why I always end up discouraged and not wearing any. So I think I may end up being that girl at the makeup counter at Nordstrom having her makeup done for free and buying whatever they use on my face?? My main focus is the BAGS under my eyes I am just tired people and that is not going anywhere for a while especially with another baby coming soon so I need to find a way to hide it! 

I found this little chart on Pinterest and really liked it because since I dont really know what I am doing with the makeup I dont want to spend a ton of money on stuff and then get home and find out it is the wrong color for my skin

Supposedly this stuff above is  great for under eye circles, we shall see.  I am going to try out some of these products and report back to which ones I like and dont like. I MAY even doing some pictures of myself to show you how it looks...hope you guys have a good Wednesday!! 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Recap

It is snowing.... on Saturday we were all sitting in my driving with no jackets on while Kael played with his toys and this morning my car is covered in snow. I can not take it anymore winter I give up, please go away it is SPRING. Aside from the snow that is setting up shop outside my door, this weekend was a good and productive one. Here is a little recap of what we did. I apologize for how terrible all my pictures are I have not been able to find the usb cord for my good camera since we have moved. 

My inlaws drove down from Philadelphia to do a early Birthday celebration for Kael since next weekend we will be in Chicago with my family. I made this cake I saw on Pinterest it is called a pie cookie cake and it was so good!! And super easy especially if you cheat like me and buy the ready made pie crust and cookie dough then all that is left is making the cake batter and putting it all together.

Here is a picture of my sweet boy enjoying his cake.

 We installed the wallpaper I got from Spoonflower with the help of my sister on Saturday and Jay on Sunday it is up and dried { dont mind the tape it is what the directions tell us to do at critical spot to make sure it dries flat }. Lets talk about this wallpaper - it was NOT an easy job but once we got the hang of it it got a lot easier. My Husband was less than thrilled to spend all Sunday afternoon helping me finish but it is done and in the end we both said we really loved it! Overall at the end of the day I would definitely order from Spoonflower again, just not try installing it with a weekend filled with other plans. 

Here is a close up of the pattern

My Father in law Husband and one of our close friends also put Kaels big boy bed together and I love it!! This room was the one that was covered in bad wallpaper when it is all done I will show you the before and after and you guys will laugh at how bad it was there was even a curtain to match!

After a task filled weekend we decided yesterday morning just the three of us to go to brunch and do a little shopping I popped into Old Navy while waiting for the Nordstrom Rack to open and boy was I pleasantly surprised at their kids section!! I found a bunch of cute things for Kael and of course I couldn't leave without picking up two things for the baby girl. Overall it was a really good but busy weekend me and Kael will definitely be snuggled up on the couch today watching movies and enjoying his new toys hope you guys have a great start to the week! 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Almost Two

Thank Heavens for Fridays. These last two weeks have really tested me as a Mother it seems that over night my sweet little boy has turned into a full on terrible two. To say I am lacking the energy for a meltdown every 30 minutes is a huge understatement I can feel myself getting more and more tired as my third trimester approaches. I am hoping { praying on bloody knees } that this is a short stage. We have a busy weekend planned, since we will be in Chicago next weekend my inlaws and a couple of friends are coming over tomorrow to celebrate Kael turning 2!  This year we are doing it super low key cake. ice cream. balloons and presents since last year we went all out for his 1st Birthday. We also have a bunch of projects to cross off the list this weekend. First Husband J is painting the nursery tonight and me and my sister are going to try and hang the wallpaper tomorrow. I am so excited to see how this wallpaper turns out and even more excited to share it with you guys. I was super inspired by these rooms below - with Kaels room I went very neutral whites light blues and a small amount of gold so I wanted to go in a different direction for this nursery so it didnt feel like the same room 

I am also going to take advantage of having men in the house and have them put together Kaels big boy bed that arrived last weekend. Hooray it is all starting to come together! It is still pretty chilly outside but we are in full on spring cleaning mode over here. I am not a organized individual which is a constant battling I am always in with myself. In my head I want to be, but the end product just isnt so I am always trying to get better. I have gotten by pretty well with one child being unorganized but a creepy scary feeling inside my gut is telling me two might be a little harder soooo I am getting this house in order. I saw these two charts on pinterest and instantly pinned them in order to help my case. I have already been meal planning for the past three weeks which guys I am not kidding has been saving me a lot of money and stress. I tape it to the fridge and when Kael is melting down on the floor bc he can't have more " bunnies" fruit snacks and I feel overwhelmed at the thought of dinner I look at the day and know exactly what we are having and the ingredients are already there! Life Saver! 

Yes, Yes she would.

Hopefully this weekend proves to be very celebratory and productive! I will update you all on Monday hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Too tired to come up with a clever title..

My Husband has been gone all week, he left Sunday afternoon and got back last night... I am so exhausted. Those two hours a night that he is home to rough house with Kael is huge I have decided. I have been trying to keep us busy all week swimming at the pool, going to the playground going to get frozen yogurt but today I surrender, mama is tired and Nick Jr is my best friend. I am not ashamed I am six months pregnant and trying to entertain a almost 2 year old completely alone for 4 days is exhausting. Hats off to all you single mamas out there I have no idea how you do it. We have a Holiday coming up, Easter! One of my favorite Holidays for a bunch of reasons, it usually means that they weather is getting warmer it is also right by my Birthday and now my sweet little boys Birthday. Last year I thought he was a little too small for a Easter basket so I didn't go through the trouble so this year I am super excited to get him one. Have you guys been over to Pottery Barn Kids? They have some of the cutest Easter stuff. I ordered this sweet Peter Rabbit basket fill for Kael isnt it the sweetest?

To fill his Easter basket this year we are going to keep it simple and cheap with all the other expenses going on no need to create another one.

These fruit snacks are his equivalent to double chocolate cake so they will be a for sure win.

He is obssesed with the Berenstain Bears we have to read one of their stories every single night before bed now we can add the Easter one to our rotation .

I noticed when going over to my Mother in Laws house how great the illustartions used to be in all of childrens book, maybe its because we are reading very basic books right now but the ones I am seeing just are not wowing me this one has adorable illustrations and a cute story.

Kael is obsessed with the ABC song we sing it probably 100 times a day he is getting pretty good almost half way through the song I love this colorful puzzle to help him learn his ABC's this will be his " big " Easter gift we will probably add some more little snacks and then call it a Happy Easter.

I wanted to have a DIY to show you guys today but my week has just been way too tiring to stay up when Kael goes to bed to finish it. I saw this awesome print below on Pinterest and it reminded me so much of my little boogie. This boy loves to dance his favorite song being " Im sexy and I know it"  by LMFAO you know Red Foo with the Big ass fro yup that one haha. I thought I could def make it to hang in his room so hopefully Monday I will it done to show you guys! Hope you have a fun and relaxing weekend

Monday, March 11, 2013

Big Boy Room Update

Two days in a row!! See what the warm weather does to me! I promised yesterday that I would be back with some updates on Kaels big boy room and baby girls nursery so here I am! I am not going to share too too much about baby girls nursery on here until it is done kinda like how I did with Kaels nursery. I will share however that I ordered all of the prints for her gallery wall and the wallpaper for an accent wall. It took me FOREVER... I mean an eternity to pick out this wallpaper! Ask my poor friend Amy who got probably 10 different texts asking which one she liked better { sorry Amy }. I am normally not this indecisive, but I think girl stuff kinda overwhelms me a little because there are so many more options. I am not even going to get into the clothes { mind blown } Ok for Kaels room we finally got the wallpaper torn down { doing a happy dance } I can't wait to show you the before and afters of this room the wallpaper is actually pretty hysterical, now that it is off my walls. I had my eye on this one great map on etsy to put over his daybed but the guy only took paypal and made it super complicated to pay for this thing so I am going with this map from IKEA which is huge and will take up the majority of the wall behind his bed.

Since my little boogie boy is turning two at the end of this month we bought him this adorable teepee from Land of Nod to go in the corner of his room for his Birthday. I am hoping to use this as his little reading area before bed since we are leaving his rocker in the nursery for his baby sister. 

We needed a new dresser for his room since the one in the nursery is "def only a dresser for a baby boy not a big boy" as my Husband says { whatever that means } we wanted quality but didnt want to spend a ton since we splurged on the bed and we couldn't have been happier when we found a perfect wood dresser on craigslist { craigslist is my jam by the way } for 150!! it looks brand new and it in great condition it looks exactly like this one

I saw this adorable print first on Pinterest and thought it was colorful and such a great thing for a little boy to remember. I always want Kael to be confident in everything that he decides to do so I scooped this sweet little print up and couldn't be more excited about it. 

I found this lamp in Target my favorite store ever and immediately knew that it had to go in Kaels new room its looks like something from restoration hardware except it is 50 bucks people!

Thats all I have for you today. I will be adding a couple more things to the room will update you when I do I hope you all have a great Monday!! 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Life Lately

Sorry it has been a little minute since I last checked in lots of things happening over here and honestly I blame it on the weather I am SO depressed in the cold weather and I am so un motivated. Today happily it is so sunny and warm we just got back from a family stroll through a cute outdoor shopping center in our area and lunch, very much put me in the spring spirit. In honor of the warm weather I thought I would share some of the spring things I am lusting after this year I will probably get none of them because none of them would fit AND all my money these days goes to my kids but hey one can dream. I have a Birthday coming up so many I will treat myself to one.

These two Asos Maxis are on SALE  and Im actually of thinking about scooping up this floral one for Easter Sunday in Chicago I can throw a jacket over it and it will be comfortable and easy

I have been lusting after these JCrew Chambray pants for a while but just dont think that now is the time to be shoving my ass into them, but they are so adorable

 Im a sucker for a bright fun maxi skirt..these two are from here and here 

How adorable is this beach coverup??? I may have to put this on my Birthday list! I hope these pieces put you in the spring spirit! I will be back tomorrow to talk about some progress I have made on Kael and Baby Girls bedrooms. Happy Sunday!

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