Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Hello everyone! I know its been about a week since I last posted but I thought I would take a little week to myself and enjoy my family and friends " down the shore " Im back and feeling happy to be home and back in the swing of things. It is SO incredibly hot here in Philadelphia so me and Kael have been doing tons of indoor activities BUT I did get him a great  water table for our little backyard so I am excited to get that up and let him cool off in it! I also heard through the Mommy grapevine that there is a great new park in Philadelphia called Sister Cities Park it is new and has lots of little water areas for the little ones to splash around in and a great cafe with healthy options for lunch, after hearing a couple Moms raving about this today I am SOLD and will be checking it out tomorrow! Here are a couple of my favorite shots from the weekend.

Friday, May 18, 2012


Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a great week and have some great plans for the weekend! I have been feeling kinda sluggish and blah lately and decided since I am now done nursing to try a small cleanse nothing too too crazy just something to kinda flush my system and get me back on a healthy eating track { I am ashamed to admit I have been eating pretty much whatever I have wanted since I was burning the extra calories } We are headed down the shore for the week and into memorial day weekend so this isn't the best time to start something like this but I figured Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday would be good because I would be down there with just Kael during the day and then maybe I will feel confident kicking off memorial day weekend! I'll let you know how it goes Ive never been great with dieting but this one is short and sweet so here hoping I can do it!! Hope everyone has a great weekend

Keeping with the theme of healthy eating how amazing does this salad from my favorite blogger Camille Styles look? She is so inspiring on so many level but more so that she is 6 months pregnant and eating healthy salads like this click the link to get the recipe!

In my head I would love to eat steel cut oats every morning because they are so good for you and boost your energy so much, in reality I normally eat the left over toast and berries off my sons high chair this recipe looks so delicious it is just the motivation I need to take the time to make my OWN breakfast each morning

Who doesn't love a good creamy guacamole { everyone but my hips } it is a MAJOR weakness of mine but how delicious does this healthier alternative look?? Strawberries AND Avocado?? SOLD!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Patio Envy

What a gross rainy Tuesday it is here in Philly, blahh trying to think of fun things to do inside and running out of ideas! Anyone out there have any interesting activities for a toddler ? While browsing through my favorite blogs during Kaels morning nap I ran across this amazing outdoor space on one of favorite blogs Fabulous K. If you don't already read her blog you must check it out it is daily read for me! Her patio space left me feeling inspired it is so fresh and girly a perfect Mommy oasis complete with a good book and a nice glass of riesling! I especially love the flamingo pillow from West Elm..

Sunday, May 13, 2012

{ Happy Mothers Day }

What a beautiful day we are having here in Philadelphia, the sun is shining bright and the air is warm and sweet, a perfect Sunday if you ask me. I thought I would pop in to wish all the Moms out there a very Happy Mothers Day! Motherhood truly is the hardest most selfless job in the world and we all, no matter our situations deserve a day to be dotted on. Mothers day is always a little bittersweet for me as I lost mine when I was 17 for such a long time felt a little cheated and sorry for myself for being robbed of a Mother so young, it hasn't been until recently that I have started to think how LUCKY I was to have such a wonderful mother for 17 years of my life not everyone can say that. I also know that she really is still here within my heart, I get to see her every time I hear myself tell Kael something I remember her telling me. Someone asked me a little bit ago if being a Mother was as tough as they say and I answered 100 percent yes... harder, but for me I feel as if I am being guided some how through this process, instinct maybe from watching my Mother or maybe it is her gently with her hand on my shoulder showing me the light, whatever it is when the tough decision come I just know what to do and I am so thankful that I had her as such positive influence in my life. 
On another Mothers Day note I can finally say after 13 Months of nursing my son we have finally weaned fully and totally. Its pretty surreal I have been doing it so long it is so weird not to have it in our day anymore. Do I miss it? Not really. Was it time to wean him? I think so he didn't fight it and he seems happy as ever. I never really touched much on nursing here on my blog because I really think it is such a personal decision for all Mothers to make, a conversation they need to only have with their Husbands and their babies and whatever works for them is the right decision. I hope all you Mothers out there have a wonderful day!!


Me and My Mommy on My First Christmas, she was breathtaking..

Me and Kael yesterday out in Rittenhouse Square park soaking up the sun..

Thursday, May 10, 2012

50 Shades of Obsessed

Im sorry I can't really talk Im in the middle of a deep committed mildly obsessive relationship with 50 Shades of Grey and for those of you who have read it know that Christian wouldn't be very pleased with me cheating. I was suspicious about these books but lets just say I have been won over...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wedding Weekend

I Hope everyone is having a good start to their Tuesday.The sun is looking out through the clouds so I am anxious to get outside with Kael Im  also going to make my way to the Barnes and Noble and picking up Andy Cohen's new book Most Talkative, he is constantly cracking up on his late night show. As promised here are some snaps from the weekend. 


The Venue for all the wedding festivities.

A little down time.

 Me and Husband J at the cocktail hour

Me with the gorgeous bride

     A couple of shots from the rehearsal dinner.

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Glow

Im Back after an AMAZING weekend, celebrating my best friend Heather and her now HUSBAND Mike I will share pictures with you guys tomorrow, I want to take a second and pick my favorite ones to share. I will say today that she was a STUNNING bride and the weather and venue could not have been more pretty. I feel so proud of myself for leaving Kael for the first time and actually having FUN instead of dwelling on missing him the whole time, its a little personal milestone for me. Have you guys ever visited the website The Glow? Its a website devoted to celebrating working Mothers { celebrity Mothers and you all know I am closet celebrity junkie} and their children. It gives you a brief glimpse into their home and their favorite things { toys, clothes, recipes ect }  I stumbled upon it a couple of months back and it just gets better and better here here are some of my favorite images from the website. I sorta feel like I  have a glow today being back with my son feels amazing.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Happy Weekend { A little early }

Since me and Husband J will be heading off to sunny Miami tomorrow morning and I will not have time to blog I thought I would wish you all a little Happy Weekend a teeni bit early. I am SO excited to share in the joy of my best friends wedding..I sometimes can't believe how far we have come from drinking in the bars on University Ave in Gainesville. Not only is this weekend going to be fantastic because she is marrying the man of her dreams but it will be a nice little getaway for me and Husband J the first we have had since becoming parents. The whole wedding weekend is being held at the gorgeous W in Ft. Lauderdale and just the  website alone make me giddy!! I am sad and more than a little anxious about leaving my little boy behind but I know he will be in great hands and immensely enjoy being with his crazy Uncles and his doting Grandparents { I sound so calm cool and collected but truly I am totally freaking out, it will all be fine - repeat } In the spirit of weddings I decided to share with you some of my favorite wedding images I have found across the web. I hope you guys have a great great weekend!! I will share pictures of my mini vacation and my friends wedding Monday!

I love a great invitation it sets the tone of the wedding and gets your guest excited!

How stunning is this Monique Lhuillier gown?

My favorite " something blue " Carrie Bradshaw shoe, love that the Husband is holding them!

Another one of my favorite wedding gown designers Marchesa, how amazing is this back, would make a fabulous reception dress.

Im loving how girls are picking to dress their bridesmaids in different colors, so chic. 

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