Thursday, July 31, 2014


So as I mentioned yesterday the Rogers house has been busy with lots of new things happening the biggest and most life altering among those things is that we will be moving to Shanghai China in October. YUP you read it correctly CHINA. This all started a couple months back when my Husband called me from work and asked me if I would be OK moving to China, I promptly hung up on him. Im sorry have you met me..this girl loves her United States of America. Around a hour or so later he called me back whispering that he was serious and his boss was waiting on him to come back and talk to him because they were thinking of putting him up for a position over there. I told him obviously I would be supportive of whatever he needed to do for his career and then bee lined it to fridge and began eating my feelings. For about 6 weeks we had to kinda wait around while they made the decision about who got the job and Husband J would say it probably wasn't happening until it happened and he was told that he got the job. I kid you not I immediately googled " can I get Bravo TV in China" followed by " Is there a Target in China " We have talked with a couple of relocation people and my top question on all my lists is how can I stream TV from the US to China which received many irritated looks from Husband J...

Guys..this is going to be a lot for me but I am going to do it knowing that it is a temporary ( around 2 years ) move and that it will do amazing things for my family. We are still waiting on our Visas and the kids passports but it looks as though we will be living in China by the middle of October which is honestly just terrifying but also pretty exciting. I will not turn this blog into only talking about " life in Shanghai " but I will definitely be filling you in on our adventures. 

This quote below isn't really true for me I was perfectly happy staying in the little bubble that was Philadelphia/Bucks County PA. It seems however that Husband J's job has other plans for me so I have decided I am going to adopt this phrase and embrace it..Say a little prayer for my little family that this journey brings us lots of happiness and good fortune. Any of you out there been to Shanghai before? I would love to hear about your travels and also some tips! 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Oh my heart....

Sorry I have been a little quiet here on the blog. We have A LOT of new things going on in the Rogers household that I am planning on going into more detail about very soon. However I HAD to pop in the share some of these pictures my photographer just sent me as a sneak peek from our picture session for Pippa's first Birthday. My heart is bursting looking at these images. How did I get here, how am I so lucky to call these three people my family. It is so easy to get caught up and frustrated in the small silliness of day to day life but when I look at these pictures I realize that all that matters is our health happiness and each other. It is my greatest accomplishment in life this family of mine I can't help but be so proud of them.I am now dying to see the rest of the pictures and will share them once they are ready! I hope you guys have a great Wednesday! 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Bucket List

Hi guys! Im feeling energized and motivated to do a better job with this blog now that Kael is in school for a little bit in the mornings. Even though it is only 3 hours its gives me a little time to get my thoughts together, clean the house and write this blog without feeling guilty about nog giving him 100 percent of my attention. I know its a couple weeks late but I have been working on a summer bucket list for us to complete this summer. Some days when I don't have anything scheduled I feel myself just sitting in the house and not making a effort to get out with the kids. Maybe because its easier but by 3 oclock in the afternoon I am ready to scream from boredom. SO I like having this bucket list, when I feel one of those days happening I have been looking at our list and picking something to do off of it. When I was first trying to get our list together I obviously turned to Pinterest for some ideas besides the obvious ones and found a ton of great list.  This one  is my favorite

Here is our bucket list that I wrote on our chalkboard wall in the playroom I need to add some great ones from the list above like build a fort and movie night

 Kael blowing his Spiderman bubbles.. he likes it better when I blow them and he tries to pop them all

 Swings aren't really on the bucket list but I couldn't resist sharing this picture I took of Kael and Pippa yesterday.. oh summer time I love you.

Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July Weekend

Today was a big morning in the Rogers household! Kael went to his VERY first day of Preschool. Oh my heart. He was so excited and ready for this it was hard to feel sad but I did shed a few tears. Mainly because he looked so big and independent heading off with Husband J for his big day. I know the 3 hours that he is there will fly by and will give me a chance to have some one on one time with Miss Pippa. I will share pictures from his big day later this week! 
Did you guys have a nice 4th of July? We did! Our plans changed at the last minute and instead of heading to the beach we stayed in Virginia but happily my best friend was in town visiting family so I got to spend a day with her which was MUCH needed. On the actual 4th our neighborhood pool had a party so we loaded the kids and all the pool toys into the wagon and spend the morning soaking in the sun and playing with the other kids in the neighborhood.

After the pool we went to check out Middleburg VA which is about 30 miles outside of DC . It is the horse country of Virginia and the town the Kennedy's kept their horses when they were in the White House. I had pretty low expectations maybe some ice cream a couple of cute boutiques. WELL it was maybe the cutest town that I have ever laid eyes on. I could not get over how well maintained the buildings were and all the beautiful gardens. It was so so charming definitely a spot that me and Husband J will go back to for a date night

On Saturday we made dinner for Jason and Michelyn and relaxed with the kids. It was so nice to catch up with her and her Husband in person and have her spend some quality time with my kids. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

On My Bedside Table

Its our Friday over here and something amazing happened this week in the Rogers household! Miss Pippa took her first steps! I almost cried she has been on the verge of taking them for a few days now standing for minutes at a time with a look of deep concentration across her little face. When she finally took the steps she was so excited she dropped to the floor and started clapping along with me in celebration * sigh * they really do grow too fast.  We were supposed to be heading to the Shore for the 4th of July but Husband Js work is a little bit crazy right now and has some unexpected meetings early next week, so we are sticking in Northern VA. Happily my best friend who has not yet met Pippa will be in the area and we have plans to have them for dinner which has me GIDDY with excitement. 
I currently have a LARGE stack of books on my nightstand that need to be read I was in a little bit of a book rut recently. I had all these books that I wanted to read but when I had the time to read them for whatever reason I found myself watching mindless TV instead. Happily I seem to be out of that rut and just finished reading Eleanor and Park. You guys it was so so good. I read it in like 3 days and had that sad feeling when it was over. It about to miss fit kids who find themselves forced into a friendship on the way to school. Their relationship grows over their love of music, comic books and each other. It was so touching and a time a little sad but overall a great great book. 

I gave myself a couple of days to get over Eleanor and Park and now I am about to start the Vacationers. Ive been seeing it all over Pinterest and while in Target I decided to give it a whirl..

Hopefully I love it as much as I loved Eleanor and Park nothing beats a great summer read. I hope you guys have plans to eat lots of hotdogs, see some amazing fireworks and sit by some body of water with your feet up this weekend! Happy 4th of July!!!

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