Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A White Christmas

Im back from my Holiday travels, feeling Happy to be home but also missing the time I spent with all of my family! We had such a nice relaxing Christmas it was filled with lots of reading, yummy desserts movie watching and some poker playing, Charlotte even had a white Christmas which almost never happens because they rarely get any snow. My six year old little brother was beyond thrilled I loved watching him get ready for the snow, he could barely move in his snow suit. Now that I am back home it is time for me to buckle down and do all the things on my list I need to get done before the baby comes. My best friend is coming in tomorrow for New Years and I can't wait!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Home and the Holidays

Tomorrow me and my Husband are heading to my side of the families house in Charlotte for Christmas!! I am so so giddy, there is something about being back in the bed that you grew up that can instantly knock you back into time, makes you feel so safe and cozy. I also realize this is my last Christmas as a " kid " Yes I know I am married, own a home, pay a mortgage and all those other frightening adult things but on Christmas morning I am still just a kid surrounded by my 4 other siblings { now add two Husbands } opening up presents from our parents. Next year I will throw all of my energy into my own child's Holiday making each and every detail perfect which I was so so excited to do, but this Christmas is mine and I intend to savor it !!

{ It's Mary Ruffle, JCrew, this is glamorous }

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thursday, December 16, 2010

National Cupcake Day

The first thing people ask me about being pregnant is "are you having lots of craving" which I always disappoint with telling them not too many except orange juice and funfetti cupcakes. Not that strange I know but I can't get enough of either. To my credit I am much more lenient on how much orange juice I consume though I have kept a good amount{ read a ton } of homemade funfetti cupcakes in the house. After the first batch was gone at an alarming pace { read two days } I got nervous about making another batch so I tweeked the recipe by using egg whites and skim milk to make myself feel a little bit better. I learned yesterday evening that it was National Cupcake Day and I found it hilarious,pretty much every other day of my pregnancy I have consumed a cupcake ( or two ) EXCEPT National Cupcake Day. Who knew there was even such a day? It is now ranked up there with my favorite Holidays!
p.s. Don't you love this photo of Jessica Simpson BD { Before Divorice } I had a major crush on her then, not sure what is going on with her now hoping she gets it together for her upcoming nuptials..

{ Images courtesy of It's Mary Ruffle }

Sunday, December 12, 2010

" Im not afraid of FOREVER " - Heidi Klum

Its Sunday and Ive been doing Sunday things like cleaning out my guest room in preparation to start its eye lift and I came across an old issue of InStyle with one of my favorites Heidi Klum on the cover. I reread the interview with her and was once again struck by how much love she has for her Husband and her children. One of the quotes that caught my attention the most, was her explanation of her tattoo on her forearm that says Seal that was done in a brown ink that matches the color of his skin {swoon} after explaining the tattoo she simply says " I am not afraid of forever". I love this it is so hopeful honest and complete. All of the interviews that she has given the one thing that jumps off the pages the most, beside how gorgeous her children are, is the pure devotion to her beautiful family. I have to admit I am excited to give as much of my heart and devotion to mine own..she is SUCH an inspiration

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

All That Glitters

Confession : The majority of my days are spent wearing sweatpants, they are very cute sweatpants, but they are sweatpants. When I have to leave the house for something I will get dressed but as soon and I mean the minute my foot steps in the door I walk up to my bedroom and change right back into my sweatpants. Im only begin to feel a little bit ashamed everyday when my Husband comes home but the feeling quickly passes. Needless to say I could use a little glitter in my life these photos did just the trick! Happy Hump Day : )

Images from This Is Glamorous.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Too Cold Tuesday

It is freezing here in Philadelphia, like don't leave the house without everything but your eyes covered freezing and to make everything even better I have a cold. So I have been cooped up in the house with my Yorkiepoo Sadie Mama for the last two days which she is thrilled about ( I did brave the cold for my 6 month Dr Appointment today which went well!! ) On the bright side it has given me a good opportunity to go through and make sure I have the " essentials " on my baby registry and start piecing together my nursery. The nursery is in my ball game and I am having a field day picking out all the furniture and accent pieces to make it a calm peaceful feeling room perfect for baby. On the other hand this baby registry world can be pretty intimidating if you are new to the baby game. Who knows the difference between level two bottle nipples and level three bottle nipples? Not me! They do not teach this type of stuff in school!! While attempting to register questions like "what type of Mom will I be" start to pop in my head. Am I the organic Mom? Am I the Mom that lets the lollipop lay on ground for 5 seconds and decides it wasn't long enough to get really dirty? PANIC! I envision I will probably be somewhere in the middle a little bit closer to the organic Mom but in a relaxed cool way.... I think? Luckily I have had my good friend Jacki, who has an adorable one year old boy and is due in January with her second boy, to help me so I haven't been panicking too much. Together we managed to put together my registries without too many bumps in the roads ( meltdowns ). Below are a couple of nurseries that incorporate some organic features that I love !! I will upload pictures of my nursery once the room is completely done! Happy Tuesday!!

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