Sunday, January 30, 2011

{ Weekend Getaway }

End of the weekend is here again so quickly..My Husband and I had a little weekend getaway and traveled down to DC to spend the weekend with my sister and her Husband and check out the new home that they just purchased. It was nice to get out of Philly and spend some quality with my sister. We shopped till we dropped yesterday having the best time picking out some really cute baby clothes, a clothes junky like me can not get enough of the adorable little outfits! The trip did leave me completely exhausted and I will for sure be in bed by 9. Below are some pictures of the most stylish little baby little Kingston Rossdale and love love all the clothes his Mommy Gwen Stefani puts him in..

Thursday, January 27, 2011

{ Snow Day }

This is what we woke up to find..more snow..
My Sweet Husband out early shoveling out our cars..
Sadie Mama Snuggling up to the bump..
Me and Sadie pretending this isn't what we do everyday...
Walking to have lunch with two of our close friends Brian and happy to be out of the house!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

{ Look of the Week } - Things are starting to get real...

OK this pregnancy thing is getting while leaving Trader Joe's I came across an obstacle, the car next to me parked too close and I couldn't open my door wide enough to squeeze my bump through to get into the car. I tried...a lot but it wasn't happening and you can't suck in a baby bump..i started to get nervous { read panic } what was I supposed to do?! Then a car pulled up and put its blinker on to get into my spot, ahhh this was going to be so embarrassing, so I went to the other side, SAME problem couldn't get in { I know I live in the city but I think it isn't far to make parking spots this small, discrimination or something } at this point I am full on PANICKING { and sweating } trying to play it cool for the car waiting for me. So I last resort climbed into my back seat and attempted to pretzel my way into the front, lets just say this did not go smoothly took me about three tries from three different angles to get into the drivers seat the car waiting probably had the laugh of a lifetime. On a better note I finally legally changed my last name, my Husband will be so pleased when he gets home from work. He is convinced I was never going to change my name. I hate going to government places { the social security office, the dmv }, such a long wait so many strange people. The entire time I have my head on a swivel, while trying not to make eye contact with anyone, my purse clutched to chest just waiting for one of them to FREAK out and pull out a gun. Tomorrow I will have to go to the dmv to get a new license, dreading it already...

Rachel Zoe 7 months pregnant furniture cute is she..

Monday, January 24, 2011

{ Lucky Little One }

I woke up this morning to the sound of little birds chirping away {they like to hang out and have coffee talk on the little patio off my bedroom } withthe sun coming through the window. " Is it spring " was the first thing that came to my head and then I remembered it was the end of January and it was 9 degrees outside { literally }. Though I loved the brief moment that I thought that it was spring time it did leave me wanting it to come quickly and for all this cold weather to disappear. I braved the ridiculous temperatures to go to a doctors appointment this morning, pretty sure my doctor thinks I am neurotic { Which I totally am }, I ask him the most off the wall questions, questions most people would probably be embarrassed {it takes a lot to embarrass me } to ask and he just laughs at me and tells me to stop reading. Everyone is getting pretty excited over here, both sides of the family, I am feeling lucky that my baby will be born into a family with two overly supportive units which includes 8 uncles 1 aunt 4 grandparents and 4 great grandparents and two god parents..all who can't wait to get their hands on the little one. It makes me smile to think that on both sides of our family our baby will have people to count on..lucky little one. Despite the brittle weather I am feeling very very happy, happy and blessed .In honor of my wishing it is was spring mood I have posted some beautiful spring time dresses by Luisa Beccaria and J Mendeal that I could only hope to get my hands on...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

{ Low Key Saturday }

Having a low key Saturday over here watching old Sex and the City episodes, went to meet my girlfriends baby boy Jack this morning! It was so amazing to lay my eyes on the little guy and hold him in my arms. Since my 12th week in pregnancy me and my girlfriend met up for " tea and bagels" once a week or once every two weeks and talked about our pregnancies and wondered what each of our babies are going to look like and FINALLY one of them has arrived! It was so special. It was also neat watching my Husband hold the little guy, it melted my heart and made me so so excited! Couldn't be happier for them family IS the most important thing, nothing else matters.

I am trying to finish up all the chic lit laying around the house that I wont have time to read once my little nugget arrives. I just finished Giuliana and Bill Rancic book Were Married Now What? It was so good totally recommend reading it this summer for a fun light beach read! Up next on my book list is Nicole Richie's novel Priceless, I know these books are so fluffy but they pass the time and are guilty you know I had to give Nicole's book a whirl she is my girl..Hope you are all out enjoying some cocktails and dancing, my cocktail of choice these days is water with lemon. I know I am CRAZY...but I crave it in the middle of the night and all times of the day..I need REAL lemons in the water too, non of this fake lemon tasting water..real lemons..ok I'm official nuts...below are some photos from my New Years Eve, yes I totally rocked the sequence over the bump.. xox

Friday, January 21, 2011

{ Happy Friday }

Ok so I totally ate my words on Sunday night after posting about how much I love Michelle Williams she took a total nose dive and wore the ugliest dress possible to the golden globes. Our relationship status is currently "complicated" we shall see if she if she gets her act together for the rest of award season. I did however get inspired by all the green on the red carpet such a pretty unexpected color! Monday when I waddled to get a pedicure I saw an Essie polish that reminded me of the emerald green of the dresses and decided to go for it what's the difference I can't see my toes anyways... My Husband actually noticed my nail polish color , I got a " cool color " out of him that is pretty big considering he never notices my polish..Im considering it my own Golden Globe green moment..

Sunday, January 16, 2011

{New Girl Crush}

The weekend is coming to a close, it was a busy one for me. Had my pregnancy photo shoot, I feel that it was an absolute success and will share when I get them back. I also did a lot of work on the nursery including putting my crib together and met up with my Mommy to be group! I am so excited about this group, the girls all seem so sweet and equally enthusiastic about making new mommy friends in Philadelphia. I am exhausted BUT I still had time to develop a new female crush on Michelle Williams, she has been all over the place lately because of her new Movie Blue Valentine she is even gracing the cover of Marie Claire's February issue. My crush first began to form years ago when she wore this amazing yellow gown on the red carpet my crush has continued to grow over the years and has developed into a full blown stalker style obsession.Recently I think that she looks exceptionally gorgeous and more importantly happy. Hope you all had a great weekend and don't forget to watch the Golden Globes tonight, can't wait to see what everyone is wearing xxx

Saturday, January 15, 2011

{Water Water Every Where Not A Drop To Drink}

Yesterday while out attempting to get my daily exercise I decided to venture into center city to look at the shops, wasn't it the great Carrie Bradshaw that claimed that shopping was her cardio? I decided that it sounded smart and to give it a whirl. SO many cute new spring clothes are coming out I was overwhelmed by the bright colors and the bright lights after wearing black for the last couple of months. It was also Carrie Bradshaw that stated one of my favorite sayings while shopping " water water every where not a drop to drink " { I love to say this while shopping with my Husband for some reason it gets him in a tissy and instantly annoyed } This statement fit me perfectly yesterday because there was an abundance of great clothes but none were even thinking about fitting over my even cuter bump no matter how hard I negotiated with them. H&M in particular had some very nice stuff { below is a peek at their Spring 2011 line } I have my first Mommy to be and New Mom meeting today at a local coffee shop, I am pretty excited and hope that I meet some nice girls! Happy Weekend : )

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