Monday, February 23, 2009

Country Loving

                                              Leann Rimes and has the voice of an Angel!!
                                              Jennifer Nettles excited about winning her Grammy, she said when she got to the stage "that she promised herself she was going to be cool because Paul McCartney  was in the audience and Im so not being cool..freak out! "
                                                Two of my all time loves
                                                                Love her hair!!!
This is a secret that I think only people who really spend time around me know, but I am a country music freak!! My love affair with country started with Kenny Chesney over mutiple bottles of wine and has grown from there. There is just something about the lyrics and the twang in their voice that makes me very happy! Recently while watching the Grammy's I saw Sugarland and best new artist Adele perform the song chasing pavements and ever since I go to youtube everyday and listen to them makes my day, I love how into the song Jennifer Nettles is and how she shouts out good girl to Adele at the end of the song, Im becoming a little obsessed with her, is it healthy I'm not sure! Below are a couple pictures of my favorite country people and links to youtube to some great performances!!! Happy Country YA'LL

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  1. k. i know this is going to be weird because i'm soooo terribly late, but since i've decided to read your blog, i had to start from the beginning! don't judge me, jenn! it's the nerd--and the bitch is a little anal--in me! lol

    so i just watched that performance with adele (who i love) and sugarland (who i didn't know) and i got tingles at the end! crazy! let's see what other little gems you've been hiding in this here blog-a-ma-thingy! :)


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