Sunday, February 22, 2009

                                                        This is the Roxy Theater
                                   An Amazing book for all the girls out there that are sick of playing games                                        with men!! 

This is the scene where Berger tells Miranda that the guy is not going to call her...why??...because he is just not that into her!!
I have been wanting to see the new movie " He's just not that into you " for a while and was thrilled to find out that it was playing in my neighborhood theatre the Roxy. The movie came from the book " He's just not that into you " which was inspired by the episode in Sex and the City when Berger tells Miranda that a guy  she went out on a date with is just not that into her. So on Saturday night with plans to keep this weekend low key I decided to channel Carrie and go on a date with no one else but my city ( yes on date night ). I went to the Roxy theatre which is located on 20th and Samson, it is the sweetest little place that only shows 2 movies at a time, it has its share of yummy candy and buttery popcorn, the old women at the counter is so happy to be selling you a was such a nice evening I thought I would give it some props! 

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