Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Summa Summa Summa Time

I know I know bad example to start with, I said INSPIRATION!

She has two kids, yup..and continuing on 

Also has a child..not even close to being fair...

OK Ladies I know it has been a very long winter not to mention really really rainy and chilly out lately, but lets not forget that in about 5 weeks we will be asked to slide off our oversized sweatpants, put DOWN the Ice Cream spoon and gasp, put on a bathing suit! It really SHOULD be considered a crime, so quickly we have to go from jeans and HUGE sweaters to small clothes, but that is the life of a Northern girl. So as I look at my window writing this watching the rain come down ( steadily now for about 3 days ) I am encouraging all of you not to get depressed put on your sneakers and keep going, the sun WILL be out soon. Just picture the beach, hot dogs and hamburgers, margarita, the smell of sunscreen, rita's water ice, cut off jean shorts, flip flops, no shower happy hour and keep pounding away on that pavement or tredmil in this weather! You will be so happy you did come the end of May! For some inspirations I put a few of our favorite celebs heading to the gym and a couple enjoying the beach. Have a really good Wednesday! Hugs and Kisses

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