Monday, April 20, 2009

Whitney Eve

Hi blog world! can't sleep so I thought I would write! I personally have given up on watching the Hills because the whole Heidi and Spencer ( Speidi for goodnesssake ) thing was really too much for me! WAY to much drama and so annoying! Anyways, I was really excited when Whitney branched off and started her own spin on the show in new york city! I always thought that she was very chill and mature on the hills.Though I haven't gotten many opportunities to watch it I really really love her style and her laid back vibe. She says she is doing the show to really promote her first love her clothing line , Whitney Eve, I was skeptical cause Heidi's and Laurens clothing line was so so bad, howwwever happily Whitney's is super super cute! Its priced pretty high for this economy and a new designer but I have to admit the designs are truly "Whitney's" style and you can tell she was 100 percent involved in the project and not just her name on it! Below are some pic of Whitney and from her spring 2009 line that I pulled from her official Whitney Port website, how freaking cute is that green dress!! Hope everyone has a greeeatt week! = ) Stop and smell the peonies!

This dress is so cute, I need it

I heart this outfit
You know this winter in NY was torturous for her being from LA
How excited is everyone for the shore this summer, this picture makes me giddy for the beach!

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  1. hey! i loved the city! i also loved whit's style. don't know, though. something else about her bothered me. anywho, i watched the entire season, and sadly, that's all she wrote. well, not that "sadly"; by the end it was getting pretty boring, i have to say. anywho, i'm writing this comment in 2012 and we'll finally see the chick return to tv: she's a judge on project runway australia. too bad i probably won't watch it, but i thought i'd let you know! :)


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