Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I love this city..

One rainy Sunday back in Feb I was feeling bored and so sick of the cold weather and did something out of character, I signed up for a 10 mile run, known commonly here in Philadelphia as the Broad Street Run which takes you from one end of Broad Street to the other a very scenic route through all the neighborhoods of Philly. I grew up playing many sports and even went to college to play soccer and have ALWAYS associated running with punishment. Once organized sports are over what is there left to do so I signed up and regretted my decision immediately. I hated myself for the mistake I made, why did I think I wanted to spend my first Sunday in May running with a few of my ( 30,000) closest friends. Well I trained all spring with fear as my only motivator and guess what I DID IT and I LIKED IT!! I ran all 10 miles and made the run in about and hour and half, I am so thrilled I just signed up for my next race in June, I have new hobby. In all seriousness this race was so amazing it really made me love Philadelphia more than I already do so many people came together and cheered each other was really moving and I was doing again in a second..

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