Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Home and the Holidays

Tomorrow me and my Husband are heading to my side of the families house in Charlotte for Christmas!! I am so so giddy, there is something about being back in the bed that you grew up that can instantly knock you back into time, makes you feel so safe and cozy. I also realize this is my last Christmas as a " kid " Yes I know I am married, own a home, pay a mortgage and all those other frightening adult things but on Christmas morning I am still just a kid surrounded by my 4 other siblings { now add two Husbands } opening up presents from our parents. Next year I will throw all of my energy into my own child's Holiday making each and every detail perfect which I was so so excited to do, but this Christmas is mine and I intend to savor it !!

{ It's Mary Ruffle, JCrew, this is glamorous }

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