Sunday, January 9, 2011

{ Comfort Zone }

Hope everyone is enjoying the end of their weekend, why do they always go buy so fast and the weeks seem to dragg on. Yesterday we went up to my in-laws house and said goodbye to my brother in law, he will be studying abroad in Barcelona for the semester { lucky duck }. My in-laws gave us our Christmas present, a Flip! So excited, this has been such a different type of Christmas for me, full of electronics. Normally while everyone else is playing with their new hip electronic on Christmas morning I am whispering sweet nothings to a new purse or a beautiful pair of shoes, not this year in total I have accumulated a new high tech { very scary } camera that me and my Husband bought for each other, a new IPAD { that I am secretly in a new relationship with } and now the Flip. All in preparation to document every little smile, poop, cry our baby makes. In other news I broke down and went and bought full fledged granny panties and as if that wasn't humbling enough I bought them in size large { to accommodate my growing bump } all time low, but I will say that I have NEVER felt more is full of new things for me over here..

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