Monday, January 3, 2011

{ Resolutions }

Happy 2011 Everyone!! Hope everyone had a nice New Years eve mine was very low key but so nice we went out to dinner with two of our close friends ( plus my BF ) and then watched the ball drop at my brother in laws house. It was really incredible waking up on New Years day without the slightest bit of a hangover. I am excited for a new year to start it is always fun to think of new resolutions. Mine never really last that long but the way I look at it those couple of months that I do stick with them are better then no months at all so I always try to think up a couple. Even better than resolutions I think are yearly Goals, something that you or you and your family want to accomplishment before the year is out. My best friend left today, it was so amazing having her in town but between her visit and my travels to Charlotte I am EXHAUSTED. I took a super long nap today and then took a long while catching up on all of my favorite blogs. I will leave you with a picture from my FAVORITE celeb moment of the year, stunning have probably looked at this picture 100 times { if you follow this blog at all you know I am obsessed with her } xo

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