Saturday, January 15, 2011

{Water Water Every Where Not A Drop To Drink}

Yesterday while out attempting to get my daily exercise I decided to venture into center city to look at the shops, wasn't it the great Carrie Bradshaw that claimed that shopping was her cardio? I decided that it sounded smart and to give it a whirl. SO many cute new spring clothes are coming out I was overwhelmed by the bright colors and the bright lights after wearing black for the last couple of months. It was also Carrie Bradshaw that stated one of my favorite sayings while shopping " water water every where not a drop to drink " { I love to say this while shopping with my Husband for some reason it gets him in a tissy and instantly annoyed } This statement fit me perfectly yesterday because there was an abundance of great clothes but none were even thinking about fitting over my even cuter bump no matter how hard I negotiated with them. H&M in particular had some very nice stuff { below is a peek at their Spring 2011 line } I have my first Mommy to be and New Mom meeting today at a local coffee shop, I am pretty excited and hope that I meet some nice girls! Happy Weekend : )

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