Friday, March 11, 2011

26 going on 60 or 60 Going on 26??

Ok so my Father and Stepmom have had quite the month, two times this month I have found myself sitting on the sofa in my PJ's { eating some snack } getting texts from my Dad about his cool hip night. First he got to go out the Grammy's in LA and then Wednesday night he got to go for dinner at the White House..again the most out the ordinary thing about my month waswhen the UPS man knocked on the door before 430. All kidding aside me and my sister are POSITIVE that their social life is better than ours and we are 30 and 26, my Father turns 60 on this month. I begged them to visit Villa Blanca in LA which is owned by my favorite Real Housewife Lisa Vanderpump so they went and they said it was beautiful!! I can only hope when I am there age I have this kind of social life..Below are some pictures of their fun taken by my stepmom she had to be quite the sneaky paparazzi in the White House because I don't think they were technically supposed to be taking pictures..I get such a kick of all of these pictures they are so cute..HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!
P.S. Remember that picture I took a couple of months ago of me on the sofa ?? Im still in the same spot...

How cute is my Dad?
There is my Dad on the left with his hands on his hips listening intently to Obama..

There I am ...same spot....

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