Monday, August 29, 2011

5 Months

WHAT an interesting week we had here in Philadelphia we had a earthquake, a Hurricane AND tornadoes I mean it does not get any more exciting/scary { we slept in the basement I dont play around with tornadoes } than that seeing as though NONE of those three things ever happen in the northeast. Sunday Kael turned 5 months old he is getting so so big, rolling over, babbling up a storm I went through his drawers over the weekend and cleaned out all of the items that no longer fit { I only cried twice }, lets just say I have a lot of Fall shopping to do! He is already 18 pounds! We are going to start introducing some solids foods this or next week depending on when the high chair arrives. I can't believe that it is already almost September, the summer went by so so fast fall should be exciting lots of good new TV { Rachel Zoe Project and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills } Halloween { trying think of something adorable for Kael to be } and I have decided that I am going to start cooking more so each Friday I am going to try to have a Food Friday here on my blog with a new interesting recipe that way I know that I am at least making something new once a week we shall see how long this last. I took Kaels 5 month old pictures this morning, he is such a little ham I just love him to pieces.. Hope everyone has a great week!!!

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