Saturday, September 3, 2011

Im "that" Mom

Happy Labor Day everyone! Can't believe how fast this summer has gone, I mean I feel like we have barely left the house. I have spent so much time worrying about the heat, the sun rays and the damn mosquitos summer seems to have just moseyed on by us oh well..BYE summer see you next year when Kael can wear sunscreen, drink water, and use insect repellent. So remember when I was pregnant and I posted wondering what type of Mom I would be, I was so sweetly unaware so nonchalant wondering innocently, I had no idea that something was going to come into my hospital room and take over my body the minute I birthed a child. It is time blog world for me to introduce to my new alter ego { what Lady Gaga had one why can't was that by the way } we will just call her Germophobe Janet, yup Im " that " Mom furiously cleaning pacifiers any time they touch a surfaces that hasn't been furiously cleaned in a couple of hours. I have NEVER been a germ freak and now..I see them taunting me everywhere I turn. I try so hard to be that cool easy " ohh its not big deal that he just put his mouth on the dirty seat buckle in the airplane " Mom but I just am NOT. There, I have confessed and we can move forward. I have to get a grip. I am still exclusively nursing Kael and he is exhausting me { he is 18 pounds } I literally wake up in the middle of the night with extreme thirst nothing seemed to be able to quench it besides this and this stuff gets pricey so it was time to start Kael on some solids. I am sticking to my guns and though it will be more work for me I am going to make most of his food so I got all my stuff together and taadaa he is eating cereal like a big boy { tear } Here are some pictures of my sweet boy enjoying his homemade solids..

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