Thursday, January 26, 2012

Winter Blues

We need to discuss how much I HATE the winter..IT.IS.TERRIBLE. I have always hated the winter season especially after Christmas me and my Husband describe these January and February months as the long hellish haul because thats what it is cold long and hellish. To add to my hatred of the winter more is the fact that every where I turn people are coughing blowing their nose on their sleeves or sneezing it is so gross. Needless to say Kael has his second cold of the season { can't you tell by my mood } the first time I panicked cried on the phone with my pediatrician and my Mother in Law begging them for advice and reassurance that he was going to be OK this time around albeit he is not nearly as sick I am much better prepared after obsessing on the internet and asking every Mommy I know for help! Especially my Mommy Match Amy who just started her own blog called Well Hello Darling check it out I honestly wouldn't have gotten through these last 10 months without her amazing Mommy knowledge. So for all your first time Mommy's out there who have yet to experience the dreaded cold here are my top must have picks to get your thru! 1/ A Few Good Books to pass the time since you will be cooped up in the house all day Kaels favorite is Peeka who 2/ If your baby is congested my Girlfriend gave me the tip to put this on their feet before bed 3/Ear Thermometer so mu h easier than under the arm 4/A good cool mist humidifier 5/ Saline Boogies wipes love the name and the product great for wiping noses and smell amazing too! 6/The Frida ok at first glance this seem wrong and gross but it is the only thing that gets the snot out, the back of the box it actually says SNOT SUCKER! 7/ I am a HUGE fan of Barefoot Dreams blankets and was so excited while pregnant to see they made receiving blankets perfect to snuggle with on a sick day { and everyday } 8/ This one is SERIOUS if youre baby is anything like mine he is cranky and very clingy while sick so at the end of the day you will need a big ol glass of wine..

Cold Must Haves

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