Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Here's the thing..

Here's the thing I am OBSESSED with these curtains, I just can't stop starting at them. I would have never ever thought to pick this bright floral fabric for a curtain but it just works and adds so much richness and color I LOVE it! Making mental note to try this in our next house. Here's another thing I am married to a very organized engineer and we are majorly majorly different in the most perfect of ways because I could not be further from organized and I suck at math. The last couple of days I have been working on my..on there I said it. I have never been someone who is good with balancing my money, the mere sight of a bill coming through the mail makes my heart race a little bit and going to the wells fargo website to check our account is enough to push me into a tailspin. This has been pretty much the only battle me and Husband J have had throughout our marriage and you know what we are going to be married for the rest of our lives and I just can't take this argument anymore so I am making a vow on a public space that I am going to be more aware of the BUDGET and stick to it and stop impulse purchasing {magazines in the checkout line at the grocery Im looking at you} So wish me luck!! Below are a couple more things that are on my mind..

Im am more than a little excited about Lionel Richie teaming up with Country stars to create his next album titled Tuskegee. It is no secret that I am a huge country fan, this one with him and Rascal Flatts is my favorite.

Do you guys know about about the amazing website Glitter Guide? It is one of my favorite websites to browse through while Kael is taking his morning nap I am so in love with the home of Tory from Sitting in a Tree events { how clever is that company name } it is so charming.

I am still working my way slowly through Bringing up Bebe next on my book list are this and this

I have been scouring every single store to find this magazine back on stands I will not stop until I find it..

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