Monday, June 17, 2013

Baby Girl Clothes

Happy Monday everyone!! It is a hot one in Northern VA and I am HUGE so me and the little man got in our outside time early this am and are spending the afternoon inside watching a movie. It is so funny listening to him laugh out loud at different parts of the movie. I love to rewind and watch him laugh at the same parts over and over. Is there anything better than the sounds a child laughing? As you may know as it is surely not a secret I am clothes junky. I have had to change my spending habit considerably since becoming a Mom and most of my money goes towards my sons clothing which is fine bc I love shopping for him. I would at this point call my self a pro at shopping for little boys I know all the good stores this brands you can only find online you name it. Now that we are about to have a little girl I am a novice all over again. This time however cuteness is honestly all over the place and much easier to find so it has been a little tougher deciding on my " girl style " I recently found the adorable blog called Lunchpails and Lipstick which led me to the brand called Peek. It looks adorable online but then I stumbled upon it while browsing in Nordstrom and it is truly precious

Another favorite for me is Zara kids this is my go to shop for clothing for Kael and I have a feeling my shopping cart is going to double because there stuff is so so sweet for girls also I especially love there shoe selection

Lastly another goodie that is going to have to wait a while because they do not start until age 2 but Crewcuts may be my favorite. I would wear most of this stuff myself.

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