Wednesday, November 12, 2014

New Normal

Hi guys sorry for the lack of updates since we moved to Shanghai. I have been a little overwhelmed trying to deal with this things we are calling " our new normal " I went from living in the suburbs to being thrown into the thick of one of the biggest cities in the world. So needless to say I have been giving my reflexes a nice workout. Happily we will only be in our temp apartment for another two weeks and then while we will still be in the city we will be in more a neighborhood and not downtown. The first week we were here just the thought of leaving our apartment alone with the kids seemed like too big of a task to handle. It was almost like those first few weeks with a new baby when you get so comfortable in your own little cocoon that the thought of going out just seems utterly ridiculous. Happily I am getting much more comfortable so we have been venturing out much more and recently I found that a breakfast place here called Mr. Pancake had opened a location near our apartment. So instead of eating breakfast here I got the kids dressed and we walked down the block to eat. It was a nice change of routine that me and the kids both really enjoyed not to mention the pancakes were pretty delicious also. After breakfast we decided to turn down a street we haven't gone before and found that water isnt too far from our apartment maybe a 8 minute walk. We were there early enough to see the fishermen pull out fish and throwing some back. Kael was speechless boats AND fish it was too much for his little three year old body to handle. While we are still adjusting to the large new place we are going to call home for 2 years we are finding little pockets of happiness each day to keep up going. Now that we are back on our normal nap schedule and routine I will be checking more often with updates. xox

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