Thursday, November 3, 2016

Disneyland Shanghai / Halloween

The last couple weeks have been so long and draining for this little family of mine. Our Thailand trip was for surely the calm before the storm. Right when we returned home we moved into a new house. Two days after all of our boxes were in the new house Jay left for two weeks straight for business. IT WAS INSANE. So not only could I not find a hairbrush or a bra but my Husband was missing in action also. As always we got thru it but me and the kids were in need of some FUN. Shanghai just this past spring opened its doors to Disneyland and we have been so anxious to go and check it out. It was a absolute mad house this spring and summer so decided to wait until Fall to see what it was all about and I am so happy that we did because it was just what the doctor ordered. The kids were so so happy to have us all together and to be outside enjoying the last warm days in Shanghai before the bad air and cold weather arrives. Selah was a dream baby and just smiled her way thru the day and even took a three hour nap. Halloween was a blur and I barely got any good pictures of the kids. Kael was so so so excited to run around with his friends. Watching the Holidays thru his eyes is so much fun. Next year we promised each other to get a good family costume going. Anybody have any good ideas? I hope you guys have a great Wednesday 

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