Thursday, February 26, 2009

I am not a PC

I did it!! After two PC's first a Gateway then a HP failed on me during my time of need, I have gone over to the other side, the MAC side! So far so good! It is definitely taking some getting used to, but I AM loving the fact that now when I am IM with my little brother or Kate, I can SEE them, so so weird, lovvviiiiing it! I also like the fact that it is white, makes it look a little girly. So as a for a review as a girl who formally was attached to PC's, I give the MAC's a A+ so far! You know what I love the most about them?? I don't get any of those creepy popups with all the different smiley faces making those loud noises, how annoying are they!!! And on another much more important note, HOW could I have not gotten a MAC sooner, Jsimps my all time favorite ( don't judge her for the weight gain people, we all have had one two many cookies in our day ) has been using Mac's for years! I am really looking forward to this weekend, my honey bunny comes into town, and we are heading to one of his SAE brothers mountain homes ( near PSU )and possibly to PSU for State Patty's Day for a little SAE reunion, should be a good time!! = ) Have a a fabulous weekend

                       In the Good Old days when Jess and Nick were still together 
                                              How cute is she = ) and Daisy too!!

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