Thursday, February 19, 2009

Smelling the Peonies

So this week has been a particularly sad one for the city of Philadelphia, once again we have lost a brave police officer trying to keep our city safe. This time however it hits a little closer to home, John Pawlowski was the husband of one of my good friends Kimmy ( Leigh ) Pawlowski, who I grew up playing soccer with. It is deeply sad to see someone that you care about go through something like this and I just wanted to make a note and send out my prayers for her and her family, we all love her very much. It is things like this that make you realize that the things in life that we spend worrying about or complaining about are really not that important and it is so important to take a second and smell the peonies and appreciate your love ones! If you could include Kimmy, John and their son that will be born this summer in your prayers. Above is a picture I took of John and Kimmy that I took at their wedding in October during much happier times. LOVE YOU KIMMY!!

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