Friday, November 6, 2009

" I ain't say she a gold digger "

So reality TV is my guilty pleasure and I will never give it up excluding shows the Hills which is just mind numbing . However I do love me some Real Housewives of the OC ( Not of Atlanta bc I feel embarrassed for them when I watch ). My Favorite character is Gretchen! I think she is so funny and doesn't take life too seriously and goes with the flow, the other women are old running around getting plastic surgery to fix wobbly bits and frankly boring. I think they should fire all of the old women, Vicki is 47 in a couple of years she can get a discount on breakfast WHY do I care what she is doing, and hire women in their early 30's around Gretchens age!! In the great words of Kayne " I ain't saying she a gold digger" but atleast she isnt BORING!

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  1. so, my dirty little secret is that i love reality tv!!! yaaaayyyy! do you know how good it feels to say that aloud (in my head)?

    funny enough, i watch all the real housewives franchise *except* the oc. just couldn't get into it. i do like watching small highlights of their arguments and fights, though! :D i'm not embarrassed by the rhoa. how are they more embarrassing than any of the others????


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