Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Salt Air

Today was a really annoying day, I can't exactly put my finger on why, but pretty much everything and everyone around me managed to irritate me in some way. I am finally home and I decided I can't wait any longer for a long sun filled weekend at our closest beach, yes the " Jersey Shore". I promise you it is nothing like the trash you have watched on MTV and I will also promise you it is not anywhere close to being as nice as the southern beaches, but needless to say I have grown to love it. My Husbands family has a house in Avalon so we are planning on spending Memorial Day with them. If you are picturing a relaxing weekend, please don't, my Husband it the oldest of 5 boys, yes 5 so the " shore house " is usually bursting at the seams with teenage and fresh out of college boys who all use the weekend to see who can consume the most amount alcohol before making a complete fool out themselves. While they are all making a deep path between the kitchen and the local watering hole, in Avalons case the Princeton, I am normally hiding at the beach. None the less I am excited to see the water and smell the salt air!! These pictures made my day a teeni bit better = )

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