Sunday, December 12, 2010

" Im not afraid of FOREVER " - Heidi Klum

Its Sunday and Ive been doing Sunday things like cleaning out my guest room in preparation to start its eye lift and I came across an old issue of InStyle with one of my favorites Heidi Klum on the cover. I reread the interview with her and was once again struck by how much love she has for her Husband and her children. One of the quotes that caught my attention the most, was her explanation of her tattoo on her forearm that says Seal that was done in a brown ink that matches the color of his skin {swoon} after explaining the tattoo she simply says " I am not afraid of forever". I love this it is so hopeful honest and complete. All of the interviews that she has given the one thing that jumps off the pages the most, beside how gorgeous her children are, is the pure devotion to her beautiful family. I have to admit I am excited to give as much of my heart and devotion to mine own..she is SUCH an inspiration

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