Thursday, December 16, 2010

National Cupcake Day

The first thing people ask me about being pregnant is "are you having lots of craving" which I always disappoint with telling them not too many except orange juice and funfetti cupcakes. Not that strange I know but I can't get enough of either. To my credit I am much more lenient on how much orange juice I consume though I have kept a good amount{ read a ton } of homemade funfetti cupcakes in the house. After the first batch was gone at an alarming pace { read two days } I got nervous about making another batch so I tweeked the recipe by using egg whites and skim milk to make myself feel a little bit better. I learned yesterday evening that it was National Cupcake Day and I found it hilarious,pretty much every other day of my pregnancy I have consumed a cupcake ( or two ) EXCEPT National Cupcake Day. Who knew there was even such a day? It is now ranked up there with my favorite Holidays!
p.s. Don't you love this photo of Jessica Simpson BD { Before Divorice } I had a major crush on her then, not sure what is going on with her now hoping she gets it together for her upcoming nuptials..

{ Images courtesy of It's Mary Ruffle }

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