Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Too Cold Tuesday

It is freezing here in Philadelphia, like don't leave the house without everything but your eyes covered freezing and to make everything even better I have a cold. So I have been cooped up in the house with my Yorkiepoo Sadie Mama for the last two days which she is thrilled about ( I did brave the cold for my 6 month Dr Appointment today which went well!! ) On the bright side it has given me a good opportunity to go through and make sure I have the " essentials " on my baby registry and start piecing together my nursery. The nursery is in my ball game and I am having a field day picking out all the furniture and accent pieces to make it a calm peaceful feeling room perfect for baby. On the other hand this baby registry world can be pretty intimidating if you are new to the baby game. Who knows the difference between level two bottle nipples and level three bottle nipples? Not me! They do not teach this type of stuff in school!! While attempting to register questions like "what type of Mom will I be" start to pop in my head. Am I the organic Mom? Am I the Mom that lets the lollipop lay on ground for 5 seconds and decides it wasn't long enough to get really dirty? PANIC! I envision I will probably be somewhere in the middle a little bit closer to the organic Mom but in a relaxed cool way.... I think? Luckily I have had my good friend Jacki, who has an adorable one year old boy and is due in January with her second boy, to help me so I haven't been panicking too much. Together we managed to put together my registries without too many bumps in the roads ( meltdowns ). Below are a couple of nurseries that incorporate some organic features that I love !! I will upload pictures of my nursery once the room is completely done! Happy Tuesday!!

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