Monday, December 6, 2010

Vanderpump Envy.

I am not sure how many of you out there are into watching Reality shows, but I will admit that it is my guilty guilty pleasure! I have extra time now waiting for this little one to arrive so I have been able to keep up with the new shows coming out and I have fallen in LOVE with the Housewives of Beverly Hills. When I heard the Housewives series was coming out with a new group of women all I could do was roll my eyes, well I caught the first episode on Demand on a particularly boring afternoon and I am hooked. These women really have it together and I can't help but wonder WHY they decided to go on this show were the women are known for being a large train wreck. I am not complaining though because they are very interesting and refreshing to watch ( minus Camille Grammer but thats a whole other post ). My favorite on the show is Lisa Vanderpump, she is absolutely hysterical! Her and Her Husband are restauranteurs from England and have the funniest sense of humor! To top it off her taste is impeccable,she designed her restaurant ( Villa Blanca ) and home herself and she also does her own floral arrangement in home and at Villa Blanca. I am a absolute SUCKER for mirrored and tufted furniture and my color palette of choice is always pastels so you will see below why her restaurant ( pictured first )and her home are delicious eye candy for me.

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