Tuesday, January 25, 2011

{ Look of the Week } - Things are starting to get real...

OK this pregnancy thing is getting while leaving Trader Joe's I came across an obstacle, the car next to me parked too close and I couldn't open my door wide enough to squeeze my bump through to get into the car. I tried...a lot but it wasn't happening and you can't suck in a baby bump..i started to get nervous { read panic } what was I supposed to do?! Then a car pulled up and put its blinker on to get into my spot, ahhh this was going to be so embarrassing, so I went to the other side, SAME problem couldn't get in { I know I live in the city but I think it isn't far to make parking spots this small, discrimination or something } at this point I am full on PANICKING { and sweating } trying to play it cool for the car waiting for me. So I last resort climbed into my back seat and attempted to pretzel my way into the front, lets just say this did not go smoothly took me about three tries from three different angles to get into the drivers seat the car waiting probably had the laugh of a lifetime. On a better note I finally legally changed my last name, my Husband will be so pleased when he gets home from work. He is convinced I was never going to change my name. I hate going to government places { the social security office, the dmv }, such a long wait so many strange people. The entire time I have my head on a swivel, while trying not to make eye contact with anyone, my purse clutched to chest just waiting for one of them to FREAK out and pull out a gun. Tomorrow I will have to go to the dmv to get a new license, dreading it already...

Rachel Zoe 7 months pregnant furniture cute is she..


  1. we can laugh about it now.

    you look great!

  2. Thanks Heather, just went through your blog you look so happy and you are doing such cool things at your job !!!


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