Monday, February 7, 2011

{Showered with Love }

Happy Monday everyone!! Hope you all had a nice and relaxing weekend, mine was so fabulous!My sister Shannon and best friend Michelyn threw me and my Husband a beautiful coed baby shower that was so wonderful. We loved the idea of a coed shower, who says that My Husband shouldn't be able to enjoy and participate in a day that is created to shower our future child, not to mention we both have so many brothers and it was nice to have them be able to participate. It was hilarious how curious all the Men invited to the shower were, I kept getting questions like " so what is going to happen there " " what should I wear " I think men think showers are some sort of cult and when we women go to them we are participating in some sort of religous rituals haha. In the end they all seemed to have a good time, we even got some of the them participating in the games. I was so touched at all the small details that Shannon and Michelyn put into the day, so much so that I fought back tears most of the time. The day was special and intimate with just our closest friends and family, which I feel a baby shower should be ,held at my Fathers best friends house it was just perfect! I was so nervous all week because my Grandparents and two best friends were flying into Philadelphia coming from or through Chicago and with the HUGE blizzard that just went through there I was nervous that they wouldn't be able to make it. Luckily everyones flight was on time and everything went off without a hitch. Im learning with time and age to calm down and stop worrying about things because they usually turn out in the end.I couldn't be luckier to have my family and friends.

Me and My Husband cutting the beautiful cake..
Me and the Gorgeous party planners
Me and My sister and little brother Casey..
The Fabulous Planners
The Adorable cake
brought me to tears...
The men getting involved

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