Thursday, February 24, 2011

{ Sleep Deprivation and other things }

So it appears that me and sleep are in a fight and sleep is clearly winning, I hate to lose so I am doing my part at being stubborn by refusing to take a nap today because I am dreading the idea of laying awake again tonight. So many things are running through my mind { examples : when will the baby come, Sadie Mama needs a new collar, do I have enough onesies, I hate Husband J for being able to sleep on his back, if I think Im sleepy now how sleepy will I be when the baby comes, will Lindsay Lohan go to jail, how bad will labor hurt, wonder if Nicole Richie News has been updated, what if my water breaks while in bed will it ruin my mattress, what will I wear/ be able fit into for my Dads Birthday party in April, what if my water breaks in my car will it ruin my seats ahhhhh } its hard to relax and let my body rest. I woke Husband J up three times last night just to tell him I think I have insomnia..he didn't seemed concerned. My girlfriend brought her kids by this morning to see the nursery and a little chit chat, it was great to see how Sadie Mama was around the newborn baby, we have been a teeni bit worried about how she will react when the baby is brought home, to my delight she was so cute and curious tail wagging and happy the entire time. Hopefully tonight I will sleep deeply and have sweet dreams and I could only wish that maybe in them I could end up in some of these beautiful pictures below...

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