Wednesday, February 16, 2011

{ We Build Things }

Remember Saturday nights filled with loud bars and expensive dinners and yummy cocktails..I don't..well maybe vaguely. Now in the Rogers household we build things, (Husband J still sneaks a beer during the building process ) we build bookshelves, cribs, and most recently we put together the stroller..this is a little sneak peak into our Saturday night, hold onto your seats it VERY exciting (well to me it actually is I jumped up and down clapping my hands when the stroller was complete) was a success story ( except for the umbrella which was extremely tricky to put on and we would just have to take it off once we put the carseat in so we skipped it ) now we're waiting for the infant car seat to arrive to snap it to this stroller hopefully it is as easy as it sounds and literally does just snap be continued.. also please excuse the quality of the pictures I took them with my phone.

The Goal : Quinny Buzz

Sadie Mama senses something is up :
Success Story and My Hero :

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