Tuesday, February 15, 2011

{ Sweet Nothings }

Hope everyone had an excellent Valentines Day! I did even though Husband J took off in the middle of it.I got to watch some movies I have been wanting to see ( Eat Pray Love and the Social Network ) cuddle with my Sadie Mama and take a nice long bubble bath. Yesterday was also so nice here because it felt like spring, what a little tease because today was right back to being chilly in the 30's. I should have whispered sweet nothings to the warm weather to let it know how much I appreciated it's presence, come back to me sweet warm weather. Im so excited for spring/summer for obvious reasons and for so many more Husband J and I have a lot of fun little trips planned we just have to get through a couple more weeks of this chilly Philly weather, all good things are worth the wait. These gorgeous pictures of Nicole in Russia's Harper Bazaar make me so excited for long walks I will be taking in the months to come..

Images Via Nicole Richie Anonymous

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