Friday, March 4, 2011

{ Happy Friday }

ohhhh Spring come out come out wherever you are...I can feel you hiding around the corner...don't be afraid to come out and cover us with your warmth..I shouldn't be complaining because the sun has been out a ton, but the temperatures are still pretty maternity coat is feeling snug..yes I will say it again my MATERNITY coat is feeling snug.. is that even I have been leaving my coat in the house..dreaming of the day that I walk out and actually don't need it..been going on long walks with my Husband and our dog at then end of the day trying to literally " walk out this baby " from here on out I will be " checked " by my doctor for dilation weekly..had my first internal yesterday. lets just say ..I was not at ALL prepared.. ouch and I am even more NERVOUS for labor now..I just want this time to fly by...these pictures below are beautiful and I love all the vibrant colors, the first photo makes me want to paint stripes somewhere in my house..perhaps our guest room..this would have to be a " surprise" project I would have to complete while Husband J is at work..because I doubt he is going for it..happy weekend everyone = )

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