Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I am dying to move. Don't get me wrong this is not a complaining post because I am so thankful for my house and I love it and I also love Philadelphia but I have realized it is much more difficult to have a baby living in the city. I have been daydreaming lately a lot about having a garage and being able to pull in leave my car seat and stroller in the car ( without worrying about it getting stolen ) and walking into my house. Luckily we do live on a relatively quiet street so most of the time I do find parking right in front of my house however I can't even think about going to run an errand later than 4 pm because I can almost guarantee that the spot will be taken. Grocery shopping is also quite a task in the city again I have to find a spot close enough or pull up on the curb ( risk getting a ticket ) in order to safely ( I can't leave Kael in the house alone ) unload all my groceries. It isn't likely we are going to be moved until Spring so it looks as though I will have to be satisfied with day dreaming. I have decided I am going to give my house a little eye lift especially my living room. I ordered two new rugs that are nice and soft and will be great for when Kael starts crawling around and recently I have been obsessed with stripes so am I on the hunt for the perfect fabric to make striped curtains out of wish me luck !

I want my curtains to look just like these below but a different color.

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