Friday, July 22, 2011

Its All About The Ride

Ok I am exhausted I have been trying to clean my house get recipes together and entertain my son all day, the days of going to lunch and watching endless amounts of Bravo are clearly over and my body literally is so sore. I have been so bad about updating my blog and it makes me so sad. I love writing this blog a lot and I think it is important for me to keep up with the things I enjoy for myself which is hard while trying to be a great Mom Wife Sister Friend and Daughter but my relationship with myself is equally as important so I vow I will do better at updating. I was hanging some new pictures on our stairway tonight and organizing the house in order to prepare for guests ( Kaels christening is on Sunday ) and I went to put his Birth Announcement away and realized that it was basically my wedding invitation in the form of a birth announcement and it made me laugh. Granted my wedding Invitations were custom made by {} and much more detailed, I picked the EXACT same color scheme without even realizing it till now. Next time around I think I will have to make a effort to mix it up a little bit. I receieved Kaels new born pictures a couple of months ago but wanted to make sure I got out all of the birth announcements before sharing them online. The same photographers {} has taken our engagement photos, our wedding photos, my pregnancy photos and now finally my first babies photos. I love them so so much and couldn't have stumbled about better girls { Cassidy and Emily } to photograph our journey. This is a special weekend coming up it will be the first time that all of Kaels Aunts Uncles and both Grandparents will be together at the same time AND it will be the first time he will meet his God Mother Michelyn, I know he will be spoiled rotten with attention and come Monday he will be looking at me with a side eye whenever I put him down. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

The box below was one of the best wedding gifts we received the front is our invitation framed then then you can open it to store little keepsakes and even has a really nice mirror..

We took our engagement pictures at the Wild Wood NJ Board walk, I had so much fun with it though Jay took a lot of flack from his buddies

Cassidy was sweet enough to come to the hospital and take pictures of Kael before we brought him home, please excuse my appearance in the following picture I had just gone through two and a half hours of pushing and a then a major surgery, I told her I didn't want to be in the pictures with my hospital gown on but she assured me that I would appreciate them one day and I already do!

These are the pictures both Emily and Cassidy took at the house when Kael was about a week and a half old. I love them so so much these pictures are literally priceless to me. Again I ask not to be in the pictures but being the amazing photographers they are they caught me a couple of times trying to calm Kael down.

This was a surprise from Jay when I got home from the hospital. I has dedicated this E.E. Cummings poem, my favorite poem to my Mother who passed while I was in high school on our wedding program and Jay found a frame that matched the nursery perfectly and put a picture of me and my siblings as little kids with my Mom in it. I was hysterically crying { my hormones RAGGING } when he gave it to me, it is my favorite piece in the nursery.

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