Friday, July 29, 2011

Time is Flying

My boogie boy was 4 months old yesterday, the time is FLYING by and he is getting so so big! Everyday before Jay goes to work { yes I am up that early now } he tells Kael to wait to do anything new until he comes home to work. Every single day he is doing something new it is so amazing to watch, he is now full on laughing which is the most amazing sound in the entire world. I have been trying to get it on camera but every time I pull out my phone or flip he gets distracted by the light and is my mission to get it on video and once I do I will post it. My next mission with Kael is to get him sleeping in his crib, I know I know 4 months is a long time to have him sleeping in the room with me { I also still insist on keeping the bathroom light on so I can see his face when I wake up in the middle of the night opps } but my master bedroom is up a level from the nursery and I have not yet gotten totally { read: falls into a complete meltdown every time Husband J says its time to put him in his crib } comfortable with the idea of being that far from him, even with the monitor. Once we get the napping in his own crib down it is on to introducing some baby foods. I am set and excited about making his own food from as many organic fruits and vegetables as possible so I have been researching baby food processors so far the best one seems to be this one if anyone out there has a better suggestion let me know!! Below are Kaels 4 months pictures and some other random ones of my growing boy.

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