Monday, August 1, 2011

Living The Minivan Dream

So lately I have been really enjoying myself, I even bought this adorable note pad at Home Goods because I thought it summed up exactly how I felt about life at the moment { except I don't drive a minivan }

I've been spending lots of time with this little nugget..

And this weekend we went to the 2nd Street Festival a block up from our house
Are you in there buddy??
There you are !!
And was talked into trying this hot dog from Dapperdog a cool food truck in our neighborhood I NEVER eat like this, not because I don't like it or because it doesn't taste good but more because I was raised in a pretty healthy eating habit household { wheat bread, turkey hot dogs and hamburgers } and it is just not in me to eat this way.. I felt guilt as soon as a finished it..
Then I got home and realized I had gotten this in the mail and took it as a serious sign { not to mention Kael who is breastfeeding had SERIOUS gas for the ENTIRE night it was terrible and I felt terrible for him }

So the next day I went out and bought these two gems..
because it is time for me to start looking more like this post baby..
And maybe even this....

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